Adventures of three teenage girls:Game Plan

Hard Saturday sunlight streamed into my bedroom.Even though it was past daybreak,I couldn't bring myself to stand up from my warm nice bed.Dully I looked outside,the sun gave the world a little brightness that contrasted with my mood.All i could think about was Harmony.

"Debbie! you have a phone call" My little sister's shout shattered my thoughts

"I am picking it now,and get off the other line" I screamed in return.

My little sister was fond of eavesdropping on my calls and it sure annoys me sometimes,but that was hardly the most of my worries now.

"Hello,Debbie on the line"

"Hey Deb,it's me how are you?"

There was only one person who called me Deb.My stomach fluttered.

"Mike is that you?" trying not too sound excited.

His voice sounding scrupulous as usual " Is Titi there? I need to talk her urgently,she isn't picking her phone,so i thought she might be with you"

My heart was crushed.Did I actually think he was calling to speak to me?

"No she isn't" I said hiding the pain in my voice.

"Ok,then thanks anyway.Its nice hearing your voice again Deb" He said hesitantly.

"You too" I said my heart leaping a little.

Dropping the phone my thoughts strayed to Mike.The first time I met him was on Titi's 16th birthday get together.He was so charming that i fell for him immediately and when we got talking I realized his charms goes way beyond the cute handsome face.Couple of months later he asked me out,but i turned him down because i felt i was too young to start a relationship at 15+.I really did like him and was hoping he would be my boyfriend when i turned 18.I was naive,because my 18th birthday is 2months away and Mike has a girlfriend now.

Putting the past aside I went into the bathroom to take a cold shower,considering the burning heat that wouldn't just stop.Thanks to global warming.
Couple of minutes later wearing a green top with my best jeans,I took a stroll towards Titi's house.We were to meet there to analyze the game plan.

It was a while before i reached Titi's house.I wasn't excited as usual.I hate getting back at someone,it just made no sense to me but i was into this and i had a very bad feeling about it.

I was about to knock when the door opened.

"You are always late,you need to set your priorities straight" Titi said

I looked backwards to see if she was expecting someone else before i muttered angrily "I am just 5 mins late,and that was because i walked down here and by the way where you waiting at he door just to tell me that."

"Whatever" she said

"Did Mike get hold of you,he called my house and wanted to speak with you" I said feigning disinterest.

She looked at me,twisting an eyebrow up "Strange, I saw Mike this morning and he said nothing of such"

I am not lying though,I got over him if that's what you are thinking"I said reassuringly

"I smell a rat though and just so you know.A girl never gets over her first crush" with hands softly placed over her heart.

"How can you even tell,Miss I don't want to fall in love.You have no idea about what you just said" I said dramatically

Giving up on the show Titi said "Never mind".

We went upstairs to Titi's cozy purple room,We have always wondered why she chose the color since she had no best color.One of the things i liked about Titi was that she was a simple rich girl,she bought because she needed and not because she knew she could afford all. Titi made everyone around her feel needed even though her parents were rich ,she was never proud.

Harmony was sitting on the light violet rug,she smiled at me.That wasn't enough to hide the dark rings around her eyes.She was crying all night I thought to my self.

"Ok let's get straight to the point" I announced tightly

"I told my Mum,She was furious.She called the school and the principal said I could stay but I would be on probation" She moved her shoulders in what could be called a bored shrug.

"Good News which means we have less to prove and more to revenge" Titi said

"Plan A we set her up,we get contraband's and sneak it into her bag,she will get caught while trying to pass hostel check " She laughs mysteriously.

"And you think that is funny,She could get suspended or something " I said with emphasis

"Then we are even" Harmony retorted

"Ok ok,but are you girls actually sure she was the one that stole the diamonds and put it in Harmony's bag or wh-what if Harmony just had some other enemies" I said nervously.

"I have told you Debbie,I heard when she told her cliques that she would do anything to get Harmony out of this school.Don't you get it she sees Harmony as a competition,both in class and with Jason.She is an evil witch" Titi said raising her hands with anger"

Shaking her head with disgust Harmony asked "are you in or you are out"

"Ok,I am in.I could use a little fun now and then I guess." I said reluctantly"
Looking at both Harmony and Titi.I knew I could not find a reason not to like this two girls.I guess that is why we ended up been best friends.Though I was very different from them.We always agreed on everything we disagree about and I love them either ways.

"Who will bell the cat" I asked.

"You" they both said together.

I couldn't have felt more jolted if they had slapped my face.

Adventures of three teenage girls.

I saw a tear roll down her cheek. I had never seen Harmony cry before,as she is the strongest amongst the three of us . I looked away while she brushed the offending tear off her cheek.I could not stand the tears as I am always the baby,crying at every tiny itch at my back.
Titi walked towards us,I could see from her face that she was bitter but like always she kept her pain to herself.

Harmony sat up and stammered "Wh-What are we going to do?I-I ha-ve to do something,it's just so unfair for her to set me up like that.I would have gladly left Jason for her if i knew it would come to this. "

"What do you mean ? Prove you are innocent of-course,It is not like we are going to get back at her.You know we have to take things cool now...I never did support you dating Jason in the first instance,he is so not your type" I said nervously.

"Now isn't the time to be sarcastic.Don't you understand?,they tampered with my future and reputation! My reputation!.She has just gone too far,how am I suppose to stand in front of the whole school to defend myself?. Only the two of you know the truth.Even Jason doesn't believe me and all this started because of him.Yes maybe I shouldn't have dated him in the first instance,but don't just stand there telling me to take things cool,what if it were to be you!!!" Harmony shouted into my brain.

Titi edged towards the windows with eyes firmly on me "Debbie,I dont care what you think or say this time around,She is right if getting back at Jola is what will stop this humiliation then we have got to do it.I am done been the good girl,thanks to you"

While i watched in despair,Harmony packed her bags preparing to leave.I wish I could console her more but there were no words left in my heart,it really touched me that it had to be her.If she couldn't find an excellent reason as to why the principals' precious diamonds were found in her bag,she would loose her scholarship.

Taking a deep breath,Now or never I said "Ok I agree with you girls on this ,but we need a strategy and I am more interested in proving harmony did not steal those diamonds.I am so positive that we can solve this amicably.Do we really have to get back at her?"

Titi taking the lead as usual said "Yes we have to,like harmony said she has just gone way too far and finally i can repay her back for all those cruel things she did to me or do we have to wait for her to get to you too?.

She smiled mysteriously "I have a big plan for her,a very big plan for our dear Jola".

To be continued.....
Dear Readers,
Though this is a true life story,please note that some fictitious characters will be added along the line due to personal reasons.I do hope you enjoy it.



Cute long legs with strapped lacy shoes
Glamor wears and classy hairdos
Eloquent speech with flawless quotes
Elegant grace and so much banknotes
All they see is a damsel in pearls
All She wants to be is that ordinary girl

Miss perfection with expensive condos
Always found in exclusive talk shows
Every other girl wants her autograph
Signed on her most current photograph
All they see is a damsel in pearls
All she wants to be is that ordinary girl

She sneaks to an Italian bistro
Just to catch a hand of hot dog
Working with so much hardihood
Just to please the neighborhood
All they see is a damsel in pearls
All she wants to be is that ordinary girl

Wishing she could trade all this fame
To be with her girls even if it’s in shame
The world would never discern
How much her heart so burns
So she has to stop living In pearls
Just to become that ordinary girl

What grinds my gears

I am quite overexcited about getting over with these exams that i feel I might actually fall sick from hyper-excitation,and what is it with the new marking scores? Yes we all know you need a 50% to pass in med school...blah! blah! blah! But at least make us feel like we know something by starting the 50% from 6/12 instead of a 4/12...That 7/12 I had was meant to be a 9/12....I almost went nuts and that really really grinds my gears.But thats by the the long run....I PASSED..mission accomplished.
Have you ever thought of those things that people do that really makes you feel like throwing them to another planet but you can't really figure out why they keep doing it and it? Yea that's what I want to talk about 'cause this things really grinds my gears.

Point 1: I hate it when the first thing a guy says to me before he says hi is 'I don't see a ring on your finger or why are you single?' That's just a lame line,it doesn't work for me,at least try a common courtesy.

Point 2:I hate it when strangers or acquaintance ring me on yahoo messenger without asking if can I answer their call.I find it absolutely rude especially when your status reads 'busy'

Point 3:I hate it when I answer so much question in class and my lecturer gives me the same mark as someone who doesn't know the topic for the class or when my classmates asks me for a question and i say I dont't know and the next thing he or she says is 'why don't you know,you should know it'...I feel like screaming out 'THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW IT TOO'

Point 4:I hate it when people see me and ask if we have cars in my country or if i live in a hut?..It makes me wonder if all their brain could process when they see a black is THE JUNGLE.

Point 5:I hate it when I wake up at 5AM and hot water refuses to flow...that definitely grinds my gear.

'What was she thinking'

'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING' Yea you heard me shout it.When will people start to think and come to the realization that fashion flop isn't only about the color wars or Vogue disaster.Its also about wearing the right clothe for the right weather.Ok,hear it is.I was walking to school this morning,all that was on my mind was trying not to get another fall on the slippery shiny road like I did from yesterday(Just so you know,that still hurts),oops what caught my attention was her classy red winter coat but looking further down what I saw made me smile and say to my self 'she definitely isn't wearing that' Obviously she was.... a bump shorts in a -10degrees,that's way off it.Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg,then it came to my awareness that she was wearing a winter boot with heels as thin as the a needle can be(Not exaggerating) and here I am thinking of how my low heel boots fit for a skating ground will survive the icy road.Just when I was about to process all this in my head,our humpty dumpty had a great fall(only that this humpty dumpty was a fashion princess).I don't know about you but that was a real fashion flop for me.She would still have looked way hot in a Gucci snow boots,her classy red coats and a D&G Jeans.That's what fashion is about staying 'Hot' in the winter and still looking hot,not breaking a leg or dying of pneumonia in the name of fashion...Some people still need to be 'FASHION CENSORED'.

My First Pay Job

Waking up from my bed this morning tired and worn out,all I could think about is my New Job.Yes I got a new customer care job(online jobs),good pay,funny team,flexible time and excellent boss.What more could I want.I feel so fly about it because finally I am experiencing work as a calling and also opportunity to serve others.
Let me give you 3 Important reasons why I love my new Job:
Reasonable pay!
Reasonable pay!
Reasonable pay!
After this 3 cores ,I really enjoy it because I get to learn many things through the training,believe me not until now I never knew what quick books was all about and Gil(My boss) is so funny he makes me laugh like 5times in 5minutes,eventually my cheeks ached from that.But not until I spoke to Eran (Boss 2) he was way Hyper-Funny(Imagine he even created me a password from a funny thing I said).I really think I am going to crack my ribs very soon from this two.
Again since I work from the convenience of my room,I can get a lunch break anytime,work in my pajamas and even talk to my friends on the phone while working.Sounds cool isn't it.Wait until you hear the coolest.I don't have to commute to and from work.I set my own time,there's a lot of problem solving involved with my job so my brain gets a pretty good workout every day(Oh I feel so brilliant).I am the queen at my Job.
Prior to the interview I got so nervous because I have never handled any customer care Job before,but on the D day after speaking with Gil everything melted off.He is a good trainer,I turned out greater than I expected..and now I am so into it I am thinking of a change in career-not like that can ever happen(Dentistry is my calling).
Finally,I am so happy i feel good about my job otherwise I would be thinking out strategies to quit(Yea i do that all the time,the strategies not the quitting).I am so glad I saved my self the question Could I quit my New Job?.

When I feel frustrated

Yea I know i promised to continue on what grinds my gears on facebook,but just as i was about to put an end to the long list a friend buzzed and asked me the strangest question for the week...'What do you do when you are frustrated?' Then i had second thoughts and decided to blog about what i do when I am frustrated.
Knowing me fully well,the first thing i do when I am frustrated is pray about the cause,but truthfully there are few times i find my self still very much agitated and frustrated after this.Then what do I do?
I turn to the people I trust the most and try to make them get that I am frustrated and I try as much as possible to make them understand my plight,that really works for me because after a while i just feel better talking to someone that cares.But what happens when even those people don't just get the reasons for your frustration after several explanations.That could make it Super-Frustrating.In this case I pick up my pen and my journal,create a world of my own and just jot down all the angers into words.For me there is nothing as refreshing as this.Eventually most of my best words are written at this point because I really get to express the innermost thing that no one could feel with me.Not that i can't write if I am not Frustrated(Don't get me wrong),in fact i write great words when I am happy.Writing at this point just clears my head up and my frustration just vanishes.
I think i might call it Self-Psychoanalyzing(If there is such word).Before I started that I used to take it out on anything living not minding how i hurt people because I am trying to rid off my frustrations,but after loosing few people or memories I think I can never get back I came to the realization that taking it out on a pillow would have even been a better choice than people.
Now I am glad I really can get angry,frustrated or even agitated without hurting those I love...I really think I am the best Self-Psychoanalyst!!!

How I Use Facebook Part 1

While i was thinking of my first blog topic,then it came to my thought to write about something I do often and how I do it.What came to my mind? Facebook!!! Everyone knows that FB is the in thing now, even the 80's are not getting left out,and I am definitely not an exception.
I would call myself a natural active facebook user,because I find myself kind of embedded to it,is that strange? No i dont think so because 80% of people within my age range are Facebookholic.The plane truth is we cant just help it.At least from experience that's what I think.
Getting to the point,what do I really do on Facebook that makes me glued to it even when I have exams.I am going to list 10 things I do on Facebook and 10 things I dont do.

1. Make sure I update my status on a daily basis
2.Upload recent pictures
3.Stalk my friends(I mean Intimate friends!!!)
4.Take some silly quizzes,even when I know how silly some are.
5.Block People who tend to make me irate.
6.Make comments on Friends' walls,photos,posts.
7.Poke my family
8.Join groups i like
10.Surf Applications

1.Add people i dont know(Except for the games)
2.Post nonsense on friends' walls
3.Liking a particular person's status all the time(Even when i really like it).It makes it seem like I am stalking them,especially if they ain't my close friends.
4.Upload nude pictures
5.Tagging others on irrelevant posts,pictures or notes
6.Chat(I couldn't possibly do that even when i want to,I have over 1500 friends)
7.I don't post Personal secrets,Numbers,Emails.
8.I don't make tone deaf Status.
9.I dont abuse other people's power.
10.I don't flame unless the recipient deserves it.

Surely this could go on and on,but i will leave that for now.....Next time I would be discussing what grinds my gears on facebook.