Adventures of three teenage girls.

I saw a tear roll down her cheek. I had never seen Harmony cry before,as she is the strongest amongst the three of us . I looked away while she brushed the offending tear off her cheek.I could not stand the tears as I am always the baby,crying at every tiny itch at my back.
Titi walked towards us,I could see from her face that she was bitter but like always she kept her pain to herself.

Harmony sat up and stammered "Wh-What are we going to do?I-I ha-ve to do something,it's just so unfair for her to set me up like that.I would have gladly left Jason for her if i knew it would come to this. "

"What do you mean ? Prove you are innocent of-course,It is not like we are going to get back at her.You know we have to take things cool now...I never did support you dating Jason in the first instance,he is so not your type" I said nervously.

"Now isn't the time to be sarcastic.Don't you understand?,they tampered with my future and reputation! My reputation!.She has just gone too far,how am I suppose to stand in front of the whole school to defend myself?. Only the two of you know the truth.Even Jason doesn't believe me and all this started because of him.Yes maybe I shouldn't have dated him in the first instance,but don't just stand there telling me to take things cool,what if it were to be you!!!" Harmony shouted into my brain.

Titi edged towards the windows with eyes firmly on me "Debbie,I dont care what you think or say this time around,She is right if getting back at Jola is what will stop this humiliation then we have got to do it.I am done been the good girl,thanks to you"

While i watched in despair,Harmony packed her bags preparing to leave.I wish I could console her more but there were no words left in my heart,it really touched me that it had to be her.If she couldn't find an excellent reason as to why the principals' precious diamonds were found in her bag,she would loose her scholarship.

Taking a deep breath,Now or never I said "Ok I agree with you girls on this ,but we need a strategy and I am more interested in proving harmony did not steal those diamonds.I am so positive that we can solve this amicably.Do we really have to get back at her?"

Titi taking the lead as usual said "Yes we have to,like harmony said she has just gone way too far and finally i can repay her back for all those cruel things she did to me or do we have to wait for her to get to you too?.

She smiled mysteriously "I have a big plan for her,a very big plan for our dear Jola".

To be continued.....
Dear Readers,
Though this is a true life story,please note that some fictitious characters will be added along the line due to personal reasons.I do hope you enjoy it.

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Myne Whitman said...

I enjoyed it and hope to read more. Nice writing too, well done.

Dekky said...

...Thanks Myne...I hope i can contribute on your blog soon...

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