What grinds my gears

I am quite overexcited about getting over with these exams that i feel I might actually fall sick from hyper-excitation,and what is it with the new marking scores? Yes we all know you need a 50% to pass in med school...blah! blah! blah! But at least make us feel like we know something by starting the 50% from 6/12 instead of a 4/12...That 7/12 I had was meant to be a 9/12....I almost went nuts and that really really grinds my gears.But thats by the way...at the long run....I PASSED..mission accomplished.
Have you ever thought of those things that people do that really makes you feel like throwing them to another planet but you can't really figure out why they keep doing it and it? Yea that's what I want to talk about 'cause this things really grinds my gears.

Point 1: I hate it when the first thing a guy says to me before he says hi is 'I don't see a ring on your finger or why are you single?' That's just a lame line,it doesn't work for me,at least try a common courtesy.

Point 2:I hate it when strangers or acquaintance ring me on yahoo messenger without asking if can I answer their call.I find it absolutely rude especially when your status reads 'busy'

Point 3:I hate it when I answer so much question in class and my lecturer gives me the same mark as someone who doesn't know the topic for the class or when my classmates asks me for a question and i say I dont't know and the next thing he or she says is 'why don't you know,you should know it'...I feel like screaming out 'THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW IT TOO'

Point 4:I hate it when people see me and ask if we have cars in my country or if i live in a hut?..It makes me wonder if all their brain could process when they see a black is THE JUNGLE.

Point 5:I hate it when I wake up at 5AM and hot water refuses to flow...that definitely grinds my gear.

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