'What was she thinking'

'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING' Yea you heard me shout it.When will people start to think and come to the realization that fashion flop isn't only about the color wars or Vogue disaster.Its also about wearing the right clothe for the right weather.Ok,hear it is.I was walking to school this morning,all that was on my mind was trying not to get another fall on the slippery shiny road like I did from yesterday(Just so you know,that still hurts),oops what caught my attention was her classy red winter coat but looking further down what I saw made me smile and say to my self 'she definitely isn't wearing that' Obviously she was.... a bump shorts in a -10degrees,that's way off it.Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg,then it came to my awareness that she was wearing a winter boot with heels as thin as the a needle can be(Not exaggerating) and here I am thinking of how my low heel boots fit for a skating ground will survive the icy road.Just when I was about to process all this in my head,our humpty dumpty had a great fall(only that this humpty dumpty was a fashion princess).I don't know about you but that was a real fashion flop for me.She would still have looked way hot in a Gucci snow boots,her classy red coats and a D&G Jeans.That's what fashion is about staying 'Hot' in the winter and still looking hot,not breaking a leg or dying of pneumonia in the name of fashion...Some people still need to be 'FASHION CENSORED'.

4 Thoughts:

..Moyo said...

I like the way you described it.
Uhmm, well most celebrities would do it, maybe she felt she was one, I dunno.

Myne Whitman said...

I can just see it in my minds eye. LOL.

leggy said...

this was funny but you seem to like a lot of labels, fasion is also not about labels.

Dekky said...

@Moyo...Thanks ,they really do it and sometimes that could be very annoying
@Myne...yes funny right..
@Leggy ..Thanks... thats very through,though I am not a fan of label myself ....lol

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