My Easter

Easter! Easter!! Easter!!!

When I checked my schedule last week , I was kind of thinking how I was going to use 4 whole days . But here it is all gone, and back to school like it never was there.

I enjoyed this break one way or the other. Though I ran low on cash I kept pushing on :) . But the most important thing is that I had the best Easter Sunday so far, I am positive I danced my legs off(Never mind I am still standing).

Many things are actually falling into place(I found my long lost green shirt!! glad to know it wasn't stolen or eaten). I just have a good feeling about so many things. God has been absolutely good.

There is one thing I sure ain't happy about...MY FRIDAYS!!! HOW COULD THEY? .It was a "ME DAY" but they probably wouldn't understand. How am I suppose to go two whole months with no lecture free day? And so much Pharmacology!!! I am not going to loose it.

Ok...Time to prepare for a new school week ,I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can make it through 'cause all work and no play makes Dekky a :( girl.

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corban said...

didnt knw they eat shirt (esp green ones), the rsn u r cryin 4 ur fridays is nt d rsn i tot u shd sha i feel they did it 4 ur good(the school that is). thank God u had a gr8 easter.

Dekky said...

@ Hahaha... Believe me I am crying for the real reason I should..... Yes shirts can actually be eaten:) and for once I thought my was.....What good, why did they not consult me....

Myne Whitman said...

LOL @ Corban's comments.

Glad you had a nice easter girl. And don't be too sad, look for the silver lining as they say.

Dekky said...

LOL.....Thanks Myne. That's quite encouraging.

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