How many times do you look in the mirror wishing you were slimmer, sexier or wishing you had a Miss. Universe kind of body ? To what extent are you willing to go to get a change to it? How do you really feel about your body?. These are questions that bothers one of every four people.

One of the secrets to beauty is taming your heart to love your body. Feeling indifferent to one’s own body is like settling for less. Every human should pay a special attention to his or her body because beauty no longer only lie in the eyes of the beholder but also in the physical appearance.

To some, their body needs so much work that they can less be bothered about their looks. Every woman needs a touch with beauty now and then and giving your body some love treats is a good way of starting off.

There are several ways to make your body feel loved. Eating healthy meals, exercise, Drinking water every day and making sure you moisturize your skin daily. These are just the few of among many.

Looking good is not related to pride in any way, in fact it embraces the true you and brings out the beauty. It is a sign that you care about what people see when they look at you, after all first impression either opens the door or closes it.
Beauty tips only work when you apply it while treating your body with its respect either physically or hygienically .

So many people ignore some parts of their body because it’s not just what they want. Just because you want a softer skin while your dry skin is so much work does not mean you should ignore. It could always get worse. What if that smaller eyes you wanted made you look like a comical painting or that slim body just doesn’t suit your face. Then what happens?

Everybody looks good in their own unique way, but the way we handle our body differs in every way. We should also keep it in mind that what suits body A might look alarming on Body B.

The only enemy to your body is yourself ,once you start loathing it then nothing feels good in it. Then you begin to see yourself as somebody that lacks beauty, whereas all that is lacking is just an awareness of one’s own ignorance towards your body.

Wearing the best make ups without feeling good in it takes the allure away. Looking good boost every one’s confidence. If loving one’s body brings an exotic touch to beauty, then I am so much crazy about mine.

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