Another year is almost gone..

Yeah Yeah, it's been quiet a very long time, been kinda busy after all. Busy enough for my blog you may ask but then I must say I have been too busy for even myself:)) I can't say I am too busy too eat though. Enough of the busy line...

So it's December again and truthfully I have been counting down to Xmas since the beginning of November.... (Typical me). Now it's just around the corner and the only early gift I seem to be getting is *NOSTALGIA* , 'neways I know its going to be fun even though exams are around the corner :( but it will soon be over and I hope it takes the cold with it.

I know you are definitely expecting me to write what I am thankful for again this year as usual, but truthfully this year has given me the best bitter sweet feeling(Hmn...contradictory I know). To be more frank , God gave me victory in several aspect of my life and I just cannot start writing the list of what I am thankful for right now...because I wouldn't stop writing till I grow Grey hairs.

Since another year is almost gone with 26 beautiful days to look forward to before 2011, I feel I should really plan for the New year,I have so many expectations and achievements in 2011...(I see it already). Don't worry I am not going to start making new year resolutions that people never keep but one things is for sure their are certain things that I have to make an effort to do this 3things this year..

1)I definitely have to decide whether I want to continue with the guitar or just give it out to's begging to be played.

2)I have to change my laptop, the thing can really fry yam (Aba..3 yrs don waka) , yes I know I got an Ipad but an IPAD isn't a laptop(I better stop deceiving myself)

3)It's high time I threw caution to the wind and printed my Chapbook....Delayed too long!!!

That is that for that but for 2011 my number 1 goal is to grow in Christ and his love...I want my light to so SHINE...

Ok maybe I will just stop for now but I will definitely write to you soon...yes you...but first let me write my letter to Santa(You will be reading it soon)..


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