How I Use Facebook Part 1

While i was thinking of my first blog topic,then it came to my thought to write about something I do often and how I do it.What came to my mind? Facebook!!! Everyone knows that FB is the in thing now, even the 80's are not getting left out,and I am definitely not an exception.
I would call myself a natural active facebook user,because I find myself kind of embedded to it,is that strange? No i dont think so because 80% of people within my age range are Facebookholic.The plane truth is we cant just help it.At least from experience that's what I think.
Getting to the point,what do I really do on Facebook that makes me glued to it even when I have exams.I am going to list 10 things I do on Facebook and 10 things I dont do.

1. Make sure I update my status on a daily basis
2.Upload recent pictures
3.Stalk my friends(I mean Intimate friends!!!)
4.Take some silly quizzes,even when I know how silly some are.
5.Block People who tend to make me irate.
6.Make comments on Friends' walls,photos,posts.
7.Poke my family
8.Join groups i like
10.Surf Applications

1.Add people i dont know(Except for the games)
2.Post nonsense on friends' walls
3.Liking a particular person's status all the time(Even when i really like it).It makes it seem like I am stalking them,especially if they ain't my close friends.
4.Upload nude pictures
5.Tagging others on irrelevant posts,pictures or notes
6.Chat(I couldn't possibly do that even when i want to,I have over 1500 friends)
7.I don't post Personal secrets,Numbers,Emails.
8.I don't make tone deaf Status.
9.I dont abuse other people's power.
10.I don't flame unless the recipient deserves it.

Surely this could go on and on,but i will leave that for now.....Next time I would be discussing what grinds my gears on facebook.