My First Pay Job

Waking up from my bed this morning tired and worn out,all I could think about is my New Job.Yes I got a new customer care job(online jobs),good pay,funny team,flexible time and excellent boss.What more could I want.I feel so fly about it because finally I am experiencing work as a calling and also opportunity to serve others.
Let me give you 3 Important reasons why I love my new Job:
Reasonable pay!
Reasonable pay!
Reasonable pay!
After this 3 cores ,I really enjoy it because I get to learn many things through the training,believe me not until now I never knew what quick books was all about and Gil(My boss) is so funny he makes me laugh like 5times in 5minutes,eventually my cheeks ached from that.But not until I spoke to Eran (Boss 2) he was way Hyper-Funny(Imagine he even created me a password from a funny thing I said).I really think I am going to crack my ribs very soon from this two.
Again since I work from the convenience of my room,I can get a lunch break anytime,work in my pajamas and even talk to my friends on the phone while working.Sounds cool isn't it.Wait until you hear the coolest.I don't have to commute to and from work.I set my own time,there's a lot of problem solving involved with my job so my brain gets a pretty good workout every day(Oh I feel so brilliant).I am the queen at my Job.
Prior to the interview I got so nervous because I have never handled any customer care Job before,but on the D day after speaking with Gil everything melted off.He is a good trainer,I turned out greater than I expected..and now I am so into it I am thinking of a change in career-not like that can ever happen(Dentistry is my calling).
Finally,I am so happy i feel good about my job otherwise I would be thinking out strategies to quit(Yea i do that all the time,the strategies not the quitting).I am so glad I saved my self the question Could I quit my New Job?.

When I feel frustrated

Yea I know i promised to continue on what grinds my gears on facebook,but just as i was about to put an end to the long list a friend buzzed and asked me the strangest question for the week...'What do you do when you are frustrated?' Then i had second thoughts and decided to blog about what i do when I am frustrated.
Knowing me fully well,the first thing i do when I am frustrated is pray about the cause,but truthfully there are few times i find my self still very much agitated and frustrated after this.Then what do I do?
I turn to the people I trust the most and try to make them get that I am frustrated and I try as much as possible to make them understand my plight,that really works for me because after a while i just feel better talking to someone that cares.But what happens when even those people don't just get the reasons for your frustration after several explanations.That could make it Super-Frustrating.In this case I pick up my pen and my journal,create a world of my own and just jot down all the angers into words.For me there is nothing as refreshing as this.Eventually most of my best words are written at this point because I really get to express the innermost thing that no one could feel with me.Not that i can't write if I am not Frustrated(Don't get me wrong),in fact i write great words when I am happy.Writing at this point just clears my head up and my frustration just vanishes.
I think i might call it Self-Psychoanalyzing(If there is such word).Before I started that I used to take it out on anything living not minding how i hurt people because I am trying to rid off my frustrations,but after loosing few people or memories I think I can never get back I came to the realization that taking it out on a pillow would have even been a better choice than people.
Now I am glad I really can get angry,frustrated or even agitated without hurting those I love...I really think I am the best Self-Psychoanalyst!!!