Here are the past few weeks updates about me:

1. I have been thinking a lot lately and ironically I cannot place a finger to the source of my worry(Sounds bad I know).
2.I spent valentines day in church(Way cool).Spent the rest of it studying for physiology(Not cool at all).
2.Every night after my prayers,I think of how much i miss my sweetheart and it hurts so bad.
3.I kind of feel old. Yes at 22+ I am old but is feeling it such a good idea. I take things i wouldn't take 2years ago and ignore things I would always do then.Some will call it maturity but I ask my self why do I miss some of those things so so much.
4.I am finally getting some online guitar lessons,sounds funny watching someone on youtube play and teach me guitar.He doesn't even know my name.
5.I want to do something nice for my bff and I hope I will finally get to do it.
6.I finally learnt to sculpt a model of the teeth ,I am So excited about that.
7.I don't know why I feel as if I am going to get engaged soon..Sounds scary..What a thought!!!
8.I baked my first cookies(turned out bitter,thanks to too much baking soda).The second set tasted like a mixture of cake and biscuit,not too bad for starters.
9.I went E bay-fasting for a while(Good at least I know i ain't a shopaholic).
10.I succeeded in getting over my addiction with facebook,thanks to so much work i am into.
11.I suddenly realize there is nothing more complimentary with poetry than art.I am bringing back my drawing talent...I wonder where it went to...
12.I am giving up on ever expecting change from people.They will eventually only do it when they wish to.
13.I made a decision to shy away from all sorts of argument, somethings are not just worth it.
I guess those are just the few things for now,hoping for more interesting things in this coming week.Believe me my fingers are crossed.