A Good Woman

I have heard my guy friends talk about how they can't find a good woman. The truth is, they are not looking in the right places and they are not being true to themselves. A relationship is a "give and take" situation. You have to think about what you are willing to give and what you want out of a relationship to make it work. As much as I hate to say it.... a lot of times what you see is what you get. This is true with guys and women. If you are a guy who likes big fake boobs and bleached blond hair, that may the extent of what you get. Remember, keeping your woman augmented is not cheap, so if you can afford to keep a nipped, tucked, and chiseled woman by your side, I say go for it. If you are looking for a woman who will love you, be loyal, and stand by you through thick and thin, then continue reading.

First of all, getting laid and finding a good girlfriend are two different things. If you go to a bar, find the drunkest, hottest chick in the place, this is probably not going to be your soul-mate. I know it sounds simple, but simplicity is the essence of truth. I have a few bullet points for you guys.

* First of all, be yourself. Don't use your "phone voice". Don't try to sell yourself. Women can see right past that. Don't tell her your life story in the first ten minutes of conversation. These things aren't natural and seem really un-natural. Now, don't go overboard and start farting and scratching yourself either. I am sure I didn't have to mention that last part, but you never know. I guess the most important thing I have to say in this bullet is for you not to try to sound sincere. If you are making an effort to sound sincere, you do not sound sincere.
* Don't boast! This is the biggest turn off in the world. If you drive an Aston Martin, don't walk up and tell the woman you drive an Aston Martin. That is the lamest thing in the world. It seems desperate. Don't tell her all of the prospects you have lined up. The more you boast, the more she thinks you probably live in your mom's basement.
* Don't lie! If you plan on spending any more time with this woman, please be a honest as possible. Lies, even small ones, destroy relationships. Don't tell her you have a house in the Hamptons if you don't. She may expect you to take her there one day. If she finds out you lied, about anything, she will wonder how many lies you have told her and if she even knows you, at all.
* If you are looking for an adult relationship. Dress like an adult. I don't mean when you are sitting around your house, or on a camping trip. I mean when you go out and actively seek woman with whom to have a relationship, dress the part. Leave the baseball cap out of the equation, unless you are playing baseball. I am not saying you should dress like you are going to a job interview either. This is basic stuff guys, but don't underestimate its effectiveness.
* Be proactive! If you are religious, you just might find a good woman in church. If you are a bookworm, you may find her at Barnes and Noble. Be on the lookout. If you like to hike, sign up for survivalist training. You may find the woman of your dreams in the great outdoors. Walk up to the woman and ask her name. Tell her your name. You don't need a pity come on. Remember keep it simple.

Finding a good girlfriend is a great challenge with great rewards. If you want a woman to love you for who you are, then let her know who you are. Treat her with respect and dignity, and she will show you the same. Don't become overly smitten with her looks, because looks fade. Don't look past faults she may have either. If she seems a little crazy, or angry, don't write it off. You don't need a nutcase on your hands.

I wish you well on your journey. I hope that all of you good guys out there, find the good woman you are looking for and you deserve. Remember to be true to yourself. You will find the one that loves you for you. Just remember that respect goes a long way.