My childhood misconceptions!!!

Just some moments ago I was thinking about my childhood and some silly misconceptions I had as a child..Pretty sure everyone has one of that. I had loads of them. Here are some I can still remember and I can't stop laughing at my self now that I'm all grown up.

For some reason, I thought that the toilets in airplanes would need to be emptied in the air because it wouldn't have anywhere else to go. So I always don't want to stand directly under an airplane when watching, also one sunny day I heard an airplane passing overhead, and I was watching it fly over. My dad saw me and assumed I was looking at the sun, and he said,"Don't look at that, it will make you go blind. For over a year after that, I'd run for my life anytime I heard an airplane approaching.

I thought drinking and driving meant you couldn't drink anything, even water.

I also thought traffic lights were a tiny school for a bunch of really stupid people who didn't remember primary colors.

When I used to see the sign "No Littering #50 Fine" I thought that meant you
couldn't litter unless you were throwing away #50. I would often look around the
sign to see if I could spot any money

I used to think that the people in the TV could see me and I refused to get changed in front of it.

When my parents told me not to accept food from strangers I took it VERY seriously. My first day of primary 1,my mum gave me lunch money, and I was super excited all morning (I thought I was going to puke I was so excited.) I get to the lunch line and then am totally horrified when I realize that the lunch lady is a STRANGER. I sat at the table for like 15 minutes and wouldn't touch my food. Finally one of the teachers came over and saw that I wasn't eating (and just crying) and since they weren't a stranger I explained the situation. She still had to have me talk to my mum before I ate.

I thought that the car somehow knew where my parents wanted to drive, so it activated its turn signal accordingly. I thought it even knew when they wanted to change lanes!

I used to think that ghosts only can come out at midnight and if you weren't asleep by then, they would come and get you. I also thought that my covers were enough to stop them.

I thought the toilet flushed using some sort of suction power. I thought if I stood too close to the toilet when it flushed that I would get sucked down the hole...Needless to say, I would run (bolt, actually) out of the bathroom after I flushed until I entered boarding school...Seriously.

I believed that Christ was crucified every year in time for Easter and would, every year, resurrect three days later.Church service was really confusing because I could not understand why they kept killing Jesus and then mourning his loss.

So much more that I can't remember me.....Don't just read . Drop your own Childhood misconception too...I need a good laugh!!!

My Easter

Easter! Easter!! Easter!!!

When I checked my schedule last week , I was kind of thinking how I was going to use 4 whole days . But here it is all gone, and back to school like it never was there.

I enjoyed this break one way or the other. Though I ran low on cash I kept pushing on :) . But the most important thing is that I had the best Easter Sunday so far, I am positive I danced my legs off(Never mind I am still standing).

Many things are actually falling into place(I found my long lost green shirt!! glad to know it wasn't stolen or eaten). I just have a good feeling about so many things. God has been absolutely good.

There is one thing I sure ain't happy about...MY FRIDAYS!!! HOW COULD THEY? .It was a "ME DAY" but they probably wouldn't understand. How am I suppose to go two whole months with no lecture free day? And so much Pharmacology!!! I am not going to loose it.

Ok...Time to prepare for a new school week ,I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can make it through 'cause all work and no play makes Dekky a :( girl.