What I am thankful for.

This was a thanksgiving note I put on my facebook, Just wanted to put it here too.

Although I knew how important it was to be thankful, I only learned a few days ago the significance of it. At first when I thought of writing the things I was thankful for, I thought I couldn't find two (especially when you are in a dark season of life). I challenged myself and, when I came to 50 things, I realized that I could keep on going! I learned a great lesson that day, and it was the beginning of changing my life too! I am going to be listing 50 things and people I am Thankful to God for in the year 2009. I challenge you too to start writing out 50 things that you are thankful for and look at them everyday for a while. It will change your life.

1. God: For his unconditional love ,Grace and favor.Without him I am nothing.

2. Jesus: who, when I see only one set of footprints, is carrying me through

3. Holy spirit: He is God's strength in me; He gives me strength through the Father to overcome
life's trials

4. My parents: I'm thankful to be the daughter of two very loving, supportive people. My parents enabled me to do and experience many things, regardless of how much they sometimes worried. They gave me everything they possibly could ... and even some things they probably couldn't.

5. My siblings: For being such a caring,loving and scolding brothers and sister,and just thinking of you each day keeps me alive

6. My beloved: You have been there for me through all,and you made sure I did things right and stuck to God,You encouraged me to be the best,You are more than just a friend,you are a brother

7. My best friend: You stuck by me even when odds told you to stop,you proved to me what friendship was about,you were not afraid to tell me when I looked my worse,you always wanted to know if I am still right with God.You are just like a brother.You are the best

8. My friends: If I named them all individually, from wonderful acquaintances to tried and true friends, I'd be writing a list of 100 right there. I don't have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me. I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many.

9. The fellowship: with them its home far away from home.

10. Friends I've yet to make: I look forward to meeting them! Hmm, I wonder who they'll be.

11. Life: I love life, good and bad, each day is a gift

12. Laughter: It's just so healthy!

13. Faith: to persevere

14. Songs: the ones you hear that lift your spirit

15. My sight and hearing: so I can experience beauty around me

16. Clothes: to wear

17. Good health: Knock on wood. This should probably be way at the top of the list, but I'm really not writing this in any particular order. So far, I've never had any major--or really any--health issues. One can never know for sure what will happen in that regard, but I'm thankful that I've been blessed with good health.

18. Being debt-free: I don't owe anyone for anything, and that feels good.

19. Being financially secure: I am not rich (whatever that is, monetarily speaking), but I am comfortable and have what I need.

20. Accomplishing goals: To one degree or another, I tend to follow through on things. I thrive on having goals to strive for and am happy about the fact I've been able to achieve some of them. I like that I have "stick-to-itiveness."

21. Knowing when to quit: I like knowing that I'm able to walk away from things that don't make me happy or aren't satisfying. Sometimes it takes a while to come to terms with "quitting," but I'm glad I've had the guts to do it when it has really mattered

22. Being a Nigerian: Taking nothing away from any other country, I'm just being thankful for my own. It may not be perfect--what place is?--but I love it nonetheless.

23. Writing : The talent for writing God has blessed me with. I'm going to start picking up my pen more often; I want to write to glorify Him. I am not a professional but at least, when I really try I feel some joy in what I write. I'm happy I can express myself and my imagination that way. I may not be the best writer, and there's always plenty of room for improvement, but I do know I have some talent to build on.

24. Being a nice person: I'm hardly perfect, but it's good to know in my heart that I'm a kind person. I'd never intentionally hurt anyone. I don't believe in being mean. I hate to see anyone cry and love to see people smile. I may be a bit shy sometimes and not the best at socializing, but I genuinely appreciate and care about people and I am thankful for that.

25. The seasons: I love them all. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. There are so many wonderful, special things about each, no matter where I live or spend the time.

26. Hot showers: Need I explain? They're especially satisfying after a good workout

27. Chocolate: I love chocolate. Chocolate rules. I'm not picky.

28. Fridays: They always put a smile to your face after a whole week’s hard work

29. Facebook: I really never thought this would be on any list of things to be thankful for, but I truly am glad I joined. I've reconnected with old friends--some of whom are better friends now than ever before--and seen it bring together all this ,then I am thankful.

30. Teachers: Not an easy job for not enough pay. I'm especially thankful for some of the great ones I've had ... even though I can't remember all their names.

31. kindness of strangers: I love it when someone I don't know smiles at me or says or does something nice.

32. Memories: It's fun to reminisce.

33. My hair: Sometimes it doesn't cooperate, but I really do like it.

34. The bible: It really keeps me on track and molds my life.

35. Art: It doesn't matter if I personally like a piece of art or not. I'm just thankful that people create it. And when I do like it, it sure is nice to look at. Actually, art is worth looking at even if I don't like it.

36. The hard times: Because they've made me stronger and wiser, and the good times even better.

37. wonderful animals I've known: Besides my own special pets, I've had the pleasure of caring for and enjoying the company of many others. I'll never forget.

38. Great works of fiction: I really appreciate a good book that transports me to another world, even if the story takes place in the place I happen to be.

39. Free speech: Yes, I'm thankful for the Free Speech rights we still have remaining, because without them,many would have been arrested.

40. Ground: the one we walk on,I don think I can live with the thoughts of flying

41. Fresh snow: It's fun to wake up to blue skies after a blizzard, strap on my snowshoes, and walk on the white, frozen water. I love seeing all the critter prints and hearing nothing but the breeze, the birds and the sound of my own breathing.

42. Rainy days: I love knowing the world around me is getting watered. Rainy days are also a great excuse to curl up with a blanket and a good book.

43. Mother Nature: She's given us beautiful turquoise oceans, tumbling waterfalls, rainbows, rocky red cliffs and rolling, green fields. I'm still in awe whenever I catch a gorgeous sunset or come face-to-face with a snow-capped mountain. We all need to take better care of our planet.

44. The Internet: The Internet has opened so many doors for me in terms of my writing and meeting old friends

45. for the simple things in my life

46. A sense of humor

47. Today

48. Being me

49. For been able to give thanks

50. for inspiring me to make this list! That was fun and felt good, too.


I'm glad I was able to come up with 50 things. :)