A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m writing to you just like every year
Always been good since the last time
You brought me gifts on your red deer
I left you no milk but some sweet lime
Do forgive me for this funny mistake
But I’m sure you loved the cheesecake

I don’t want a Barbie doll under my tree
Seeing I’m now grown to own a perfume
But I’m not asking for that or a new birdie
All I want this year is for a bridegroom
For cruel Miss Betsy living near the lake
So she can be nice to kids like small Jake

Hope my wishes are not getting too much
Since I still have some more things to ask
For the old lady at the gate of our church
Always carrying that broken yellow flask
Please send her some pretty shiny roses
So they could brighten her dirty blouses

I know I didn’t write something for myself
Because my wishes came true very early
You sent them through your little green elf
Who came together with a cute pink fairy
So my letter is for many living around me
That their Season be full of so much glee