I tell a tale of One

I tell a tale of one
Oh what a brave soldier
In thrall all she saw was hope
Struggling for the wings to fly
While bonded with chains of pains
The world very calm for her
Seeing what the future would be
She waited while depressed
What madness beheld her?
Why wouldn’t she take defeat?

I tell a tale of one
Oh victorious and strong
Crashing the foe with steel
Conquering with great ardor
She built her own people
With no enemies to feed on
Filled with joy they lived more
For the end to bondage has come
Who knew what would happen?
What would the future become?

I tell a tale of one
Land now noble and free
Our wings are spread in jubilation
Fifty years ago you soared and flew
Fifty years today we rise in riches
Your children now everywhere
Singing to your golden jubilee
Dancing to the drums of success
Laughing to the healthy rhythm
Oh Nigeria at fifty.

I tell a tale of one
A shore that is full of soil
Beaming like the sun in dawn
Fifty years ago planted a seed
Fifty years today reaping it all
with peaceful practice of love
together we stand as one
happy and fit everywhere
So our land be wealthy
Oh Nigeria at fifty.

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