Just when you think you are done..

I remember When I was younger, I just had the feeling that I wanted to grow up all fast. I hated high school and everything about it. I wanted to get into life and just enjoy full blown teenage years, it sure came but it wasn't what I expected at all.

I hate University also!! Don't get me all wrong, I love the idea of been educated but this whole process....Nah!0_0 What surprises me daily is the fact that I actually crave for those silly high school pranks and those silly childhood dances( It's so sad to know that they are just memories now), the same way I'm gonna want my University days back...Who Knows..

Just yesterday I remembered the first day I entered F.G.G.C Omu-Aran, I am pretty sure I must have shed enough tears to Flood a room. I merely thought that my Parents where so unfair for sending me to a school far away from home but now I can truly say that F.G.G.C gave me more life experiences than I would have gotten anywhere else(not that I would know though :) )

What is my point exactly? Just when you think you are done with one phase of life that you felt was so boring you get into a harder one that just makes the previous way better. Is it the trend of life or just the way the cookie crumbles? If there is something I have learnt this year, it is to LIVE EVERY MOMENT FULLY.

I am loosing myself in life but not loosing God along the way.

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