Master's Touch

She was all alone, a dream again .But this time it was for real.
Struggling with bleeding hands, filled with painful hurts
Bounded by the rope of deceit, as it slits through her pounding vein
Stabbed by the steel of guilt, calling out with a soundless plea
An empty heart as dark as coal, with no rhythm to go with it
Stillness came upon her, wishing she had one more chance
To touch the hands at the other side, reaching out since she was born
Now she’s lost and battered, with filth over her head.

He watched as she wept, her grieve was like the fall of spring
Peaceful heart rejoiced for her, while lost she has found a way
Wasn’t it just like yesterday, when he took all the sufferings?
With a thin pointed piece, dealt to his spotless palms
Yielding up the ghost, while being hanged on a cross
If only she knew the marked scars, that he had for her sake
If only she looked deeper, to see his outstretched arms
As it longed to show her the way, and loving her despite all.

His head down and hers’ up, eyes collided with piercing burn
She knew she was home, but still couldn’t phantom it
He knew she was his, ready to change her down to the heart
There was a pleasant union, with both minds smiling anew
The dawn of a new rebirth, the come of a new sunshine
Who would have known, that freedom comes this easily
Who would have known, that she would be smiling again
He is the way, truth and life, she is the one he calls his own

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