I wish I had met you when the skies where blue
I wish I wasn’t healing from the bleeding scars
I wish I waited when I knew I started too early
I wish I waited a while, and then I would have met you
I wish I had the courage to face my feelings earlier
I wish I never had to make you shed those tears
I wish I never told you to love me just as a friend
I wish I had waited; maybe you will be right here
I wish you could see through my very white soul
I wish you were mine just like the sun in the sky

I pray you get to see the brightness in my love
I pray you forgive me for the silence in my heart
I pray you see we are two roads that never end
I pray you see we will make it through the storm
I pray you grow into me as I draw into your world
I pray you see that I will love you even when wrong
I pray you see that loving you is the perfect hope
I pray you hear the throbbing whispers in your heart
I pray this story ends with the blessings of heaven
I pray for forever as not just as a friend but my love

3 Thoughts:

Igor Marinovsky said...

Very nice romantic poem, Dekky!

Dekky said...

Thanks Igor :)

Traditional Sofas said...

It's not really a good idea to ask about previous relationships although it would be interesting to know. Maybe in time he will perhaps tell you a little more. He is probably more interested in you than in his past life.

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