When ?

When the bible said let everything that has breath
It meant every little thing even at the face of death
When the word said ask and it shall be giving to you
It doesn’t matter how much it cost or even the value

When the psalmist sang to the lord a new song
He did it with a pleasant heart all day long
When the Israelites crossed the sparkling red sea
They had no clue of what the future would be

When Virgin Mary conceived of a child
She wondered how come but smiled
When the savior comes for you and me
I tell you no one will be able to foresee

2 Thoughts:

Myne Whitman said...

Where have you been? Welcome back and I agree with this post. God works in His own time.

Dekky said...

Thanks Myne, I took a break for a while but I am so back now. I just finished reading "A heart to mend" Yesterday...It was worth the read :)

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