Perfect Proposal

After 2 Years of dating Jake completely surprised Nichole with a bunch of "what if" questions one morning. One of those being "What if I asked you to marry me?" Nichole said "of course I would"...Jake then said "Good because I want you to be my wife...will you marry me?"


Well My absolute favourite part about proposal stories is “the moment” - he asks you to marry him and you find out those words couldn’t stay locked in his head any more. I love it! I think every proposal has its whimsical dream.

What if you have always dreamt of that fairytale proposal...romantic setting, gorgeous ring.... and then one day you were watching tv and he asked you to marry him. He didn't even get down on one knee! WHAT WOULD YOU DO?? DISAPPOINTED MAYBE? Well I strongly think your happiness should come above all and I believe if you truely love him, and all other issues aside, you would be happy and glow in the excitement of planning your upcoming wedding....

As for me I don't exactly have a "dream" proposal