I wish I had met you when the skies where blue
I wish I wasn’t healing from the bleeding scars
I wish I waited when I knew I started too early
I wish I waited a while, and then I would have met you
I wish I had the courage to face my feelings earlier
I wish I never had to make you shed those tears
I wish I never told you to love me just as a friend
I wish I had waited; maybe you will be right here
I wish you could see through my very white soul
I wish you were mine just like the sun in the sky

I pray you get to see the brightness in my love
I pray you forgive me for the silence in my heart
I pray you see we are two roads that never end
I pray you see we will make it through the storm
I pray you grow into me as I draw into your world
I pray you see that I will love you even when wrong
I pray you see that loving you is the perfect hope
I pray you hear the throbbing whispers in your heart
I pray this story ends with the blessings of heaven
I pray for forever as not just as a friend but my love


It was another beautiful morning in the city, Workers looking radiant as always
People strolling, Cars horning as pedestrians throttled along the Zebra crossing
The subway was crowded with the smell of early morning rush and sweat
Little did they know that there was a shadow lurking behind the bright sun?

The announcer’s voice towered over sound of luggage’s being dragged
Flight attendants smartly dressed hurried towards the boarding gates
Passengers sat patiently at the lounge, awaiting the call of the day
How could they have known that today will change their very lives?

Nineteen bearded men dressed in polo shirts scattered amidst the crowd
Each missing the silky feel of their long white robes and heavily woven turban
As they try to fit in with their newly bought Jeans and Sky blue snickers
They knew what was about to happen, their lives was fading as the clock ticked

People going about their work and children being dragged to school
It was the ninth hour of the Mane, The plane heading for a wrong land
Passengers struggled for their lives, calling their loved ones for the last time
They saw the rage in lurking in their eyes; the clothing couldn’t hide the evil

A Woman standing in the office, talking to her fiancé on the phone
As she stared out the spotless white glass, she saw it heading her way
She couldn’t mutter a word as her fiancé called out on the other end
Not a step could she take as the wall crashed on her, it was clearly too late

Buildings tumbling down the great heights, fire flying through the sky
Bodies rolling through the sky like the brutal fall of strong rain in spring
Oh what a sorry sight for a blind man, oh what a poison for the soul
Some watched with great tears, they could do nothing to save a life

Deadly cry of babies filled everywhere, smell of blood saturating the air
Heads missing the body buried under the crumbs of the fallen bricks
Some puffing out the last breath in them, hanging on for the very last time
Thunders of sadness roared everywhere, mourning voices everywhere

So many lives were lost along with nineteen men who thought it as fate
Not a year passes that we do not weep, for the lost souls of this day
The brave hearts that left us, even at the face of death some struggled
They linger forever in our hearts, as their thoughts dwell within us.

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Master's Touch

She was all alone, a dream again .But this time it was for real.
Struggling with bleeding hands, filled with painful hurts
Bounded by the rope of deceit, as it slits through her pounding vein
Stabbed by the steel of guilt, calling out with a soundless plea
An empty heart as dark as coal, with no rhythm to go with it
Stillness came upon her, wishing she had one more chance
To touch the hands at the other side, reaching out since she was born
Now she’s lost and battered, with filth over her head.

He watched as she wept, her grieve was like the fall of spring
Peaceful heart rejoiced for her, while lost she has found a way
Wasn’t it just like yesterday, when he took all the sufferings?
With a thin pointed piece, dealt to his spotless palms
Yielding up the ghost, while being hanged on a cross
If only she knew the marked scars, that he had for her sake
If only she looked deeper, to see his outstretched arms
As it longed to show her the way, and loving her despite all.

His head down and hers’ up, eyes collided with piercing burn
She knew she was home, but still couldn’t phantom it
He knew she was his, ready to change her down to the heart
There was a pleasant union, with both minds smiling anew
The dawn of a new rebirth, the come of a new sunshine
Who would have known, that freedom comes this easily
Who would have known, that she would be smiling again
He is the way, truth and life, she is the one he calls his own

I tell a tale of One

I tell a tale of one
Oh what a brave soldier
In thrall all she saw was hope
Struggling for the wings to fly
While bonded with chains of pains
The world very calm for her
Seeing what the future would be
She waited while depressed
What madness beheld her?
Why wouldn’t she take defeat?

I tell a tale of one
Oh victorious and strong
Crashing the foe with steel
Conquering with great ardor
She built her own people
With no enemies to feed on
Filled with joy they lived more
For the end to bondage has come
Who knew what would happen?
What would the future become?

I tell a tale of one
Land now noble and free
Our wings are spread in jubilation
Fifty years ago you soared and flew
Fifty years today we rise in riches
Your children now everywhere
Singing to your golden jubilee
Dancing to the drums of success
Laughing to the healthy rhythm
Oh Nigeria at fifty.

I tell a tale of one
A shore that is full of soil
Beaming like the sun in dawn
Fifty years ago planted a seed
Fifty years today reaping it all
with peaceful practice of love
together we stand as one
happy and fit everywhere
So our land be wealthy
Oh Nigeria at fifty.

Just when you think you are done..

I remember When I was younger, I just had the feeling that I wanted to grow up all fast. I hated high school and everything about it. I wanted to get into life and just enjoy full blown teenage years, it sure came but it wasn't what I expected at all.

I hate University also!! Don't get me all wrong, I love the idea of been educated but this whole process....Nah!0_0 What surprises me daily is the fact that I actually crave for those silly high school pranks and those silly childhood dances( It's so sad to know that they are just memories now), the same way I'm gonna want my University days back...Who Knows..

Just yesterday I remembered the first day I entered F.G.G.C Omu-Aran, I am pretty sure I must have shed enough tears to Flood a room. I merely thought that my Parents where so unfair for sending me to a school far away from home but now I can truly say that F.G.G.C gave me more life experiences than I would have gotten anywhere else(not that I would know though :) )

What is my point exactly? Just when you think you are done with one phase of life that you felt was so boring you get into a harder one that just makes the previous way better. Is it the trend of life or just the way the cookie crumbles? If there is something I have learnt this year, it is to LIVE EVERY MOMENT FULLY.

I am loosing myself in life but not loosing God along the way.

When ?

When the bible said let everything that has breath
It meant every little thing even at the face of death
When the word said ask and it shall be giving to you
It doesn’t matter how much it cost or even the value

When the psalmist sang to the lord a new song
He did it with a pleasant heart all day long
When the Israelites crossed the sparkling red sea
They had no clue of what the future would be

When Virgin Mary conceived of a child
She wondered how come but smiled
When the savior comes for you and me
I tell you no one will be able to foresee


Your clothes are flimsy as rags
With dirt’s that stench the air
Your skin are dry and creaky
Like a bread that lost its touch
Your mouth always quick to speak
With a voice sounding like drums
Despised in the land of everywhere
Wanted in the company of no one
Oh harridan avert from thy ways

Your heart is like the moon
borrowing the light of the sun
You feed on the happiness of men
Just because you hunger for war
You thirst for the blood of a child
So the mother will feel the ache
You wonder in the valley called pain
And find rest in the waters of gyp
Oh harridan repel thy doom to come

Your path leads to a destructive end
That smitten the lives of the innocent
Your thoughts are like soured milk
Leaving a tart taste to the soul of a lass
I cry out to you oh deceitful woman
Your end will be as bitter as gall
I bawl out to you oh vicious one
Your pit is as deep as an abyss
Oh harridan deter for your ruin is near


Oh gracious daughter of Aye
beautiful woman has come
queen of joy pleasing to thy king
Oh green eyed silent beauty
Voice as sweet as a kind heart
Eye brows as straight as an arrow
Oh great beauty of Aton
Fingers coated with melted gold
Shaped with a swarm like neck
Oh princess among many others
Resolute cheeks steady as gaze
Gleaming hair with colored locks
Oh woman as capable as a man
lips as bright as berry fondant
Eyes outlined with silver glimmer
Oh daughter dark and comely
Legs long like the harvestman
Waist as round as a circle
Oh queen of beauty and devotion
Won respect in history of women
As most beautiful in your time
Remembered for beauty and power

Beautiful Rose

Once upon a beautiful rose, a flawless round cherry
Dancing as the wind blows amidst the big white ferry
Something so harmless yet extremely hurtful
Someway so beautiful but still a hurdle
Fallen love, indeed a beautiful rose tale