Years ago when I met you
I was thinking all about me
Months apart you showed me
Why it has to be about us
I still did not comprehend
You were willing to apprehend
My human self felt limited
Your spirit made me rooted

Years ago as I moved on
I was thinking how I got here
Moments apart you told me
I was here because I chose you
People might not understand
How he took me from quicksand
My inner self thus appreciate
How your embrace made me great

Years ago I read about me
I was thinking all these is you
Seconds apart you said to me
If I abide in you then I will see more
I continued in your glory
And dwelled in you daily
My life spawned up mysteries
That made the world’s history

Years ago was halfway through time
I’m here still thinking it through
Blinks apart you made me know
With you I’ll thresh more mountains
I am living this life of joy
And soaking with peace I enjoy
My soul’s fulfillment is been foretold
And years to come it will be unfold


Still straying in the dark I ponder
I was just a renegade in wonder
All was wrong, and time in haste
Life was stuck and all a waste

Still fuming in my thoughts, I hurt
I was just another soul that’s lost
Now I’m in harm and tears have come
The soul will calm then peace will horn

The wind will blow as strong as storm
And thunder rolls as lion in roar
Now sun abounds with much delight
The dark absconds like fall of night

Grace now drops like rain in spring
Mercy now soars like eagles with wing
Angels rejoice like a mother with child
Spirit abides like the ocean with tide

The awakening

Many times the clock goes round, sometimes the world hold still
She can hear the tiny little drops coming out of the rusted tap
Blood rushing down her cheeks as it does every cloudy Friday
Popping veins throbbing like the anger of a fiery eyed monster
Something he had never seen before, His heart pounded fast
He knew this was the time; he could do nothing about it now
She eagerly pounds on the cage waiting to see the bright light
Awaiting her at the other end, she doesn’t belong in this place
He pondered on what to do, to die by the sword of his creation
Or to have his hand stained by the dark red blood of his very love
Feet growing bigger than her head, she was so thirsty for life
Before he could even think twice she was standing all over him
Shoulders pinned to the ground he could feel her very claws
Clasped to his shoulder blade, he knew this was the very end
He could feel the chills as blood soaked his Milky white coat
She couldn’t stop herself; some part of her knew him so well
But another part just wanted to smell the stench of his death
One more glance at it, he smiled as life sipped out of him
Then came a new being, one who rattled with great wrath
This is the predicted time, the awakening of a new being.


Warmth blew in with the icy cold winter wind
It smelt like the bitter taste of brown honey
Stinging feeling that felt extremely pleasant
Something’s are worth looking at
Through a rose colored glasses.


Oh gracious mother of waters
beautiful woman has come
queen of joy pleasing to thy king
Oh green eyed silent beauty
Voice as sweet as a kind heart
Eye brows as straight as an arrow
Oh great mediator of divine
Fingers coated with melted gold
Shaped with a swan like neck
Oh princess among many others
Resolute cheeks steady as gaze
Gleaming hair with black locks
Oh goddess as capable as a king
lips as bright as berry fondant
Eyes outlined with silver glimmer
Oh daughter dark and comely
Legs long like the harvestman
Waist as round as a circle
Oh queen of beauty and devotion
Won respect in history of goddess
As most beautiful in your time
Remembered for beauty and power