What I'm Thankful for

  Gratitude is something that I’ve overlooked my entire life; I’ve always wanted more than I’ve had, and I’ve always strived to be my best in everything that I’ve ever done. However, I’ve always ended up being grateful for the small things that I have the pleasure of enjoying when I’m feeling my best. As they say – you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and I certainly have learnt to appreciate the good times more and more.  I am thankful for so many things and have lived what I consider a very blessed life. It’s just that sometimes I never really have the words. I guess I’m not good at sentiment fortunately I have written another thanksgiving note this year stating few of all those things I’m thankful for but never get to chance to say because people think they fall below the threshold of things that are really important in life. Hopefully your Thanksgiving holiday is spent celebrating those more important things, but now you can join me in being thankful for everything else that we might otherwise take for granted.
I’m thankful
Ø  To God for the Gift of life, and how far he has brought me. I couldn’t just do it on my own.
Ø  I’m grateful that I can hear well and see well. Most of all for great health .
Ø   My Family, for encouraging me all through the year.  
Ø  I’m grateful that I was raised right and am a good person because of it.
Ø  A wonderful Flat mate who has made living here feel like home
Ø  For friends and acquaintances who have stuck by me and giving me good counsel when I needed it.
Ø  I’m grateful that I’ve made the right decision hundreds of times. I’m grateful that I’ve made the wrong decision thousands of times, and learned from them. 
Ø  I’m grateful that I know I’ll be able to make my dreams come true… It’s only a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. 
Ø  That I have everything I need – food, clothes, shelter…
Ø  That I’m a thinker at heart.
Ø  That I have not had a major tragedy strike me or my family.
Ø  For all the things I want to say but too much to say.
Ø  I’m actually thankful for these things every day. I know I missed things. That’s the point. There’s no end to our giving of thanks to such a giving God! So may God help us be more thankful and more giving all year long!