This is an excerpt from a story I'm writing.... :) This is an Unedited and Unfinished Manuscript, so constructive criticism will be appreciated...Enjoy!!

                                             Mad Dance of Sane Men
  It is true that those who dance are thought mad by those who cannot hear the music. This is a story of Dave, John and Anita and how their fate tells us that life is more than what we can see. So many things have left me untouched but this is a twist in time.


Who would have thought that a walk on a chilly Friday evening would change her life, not even a soothsayer at this point could outlook the fate in front of her.

She loves walking on the lonely street of Manhattan. Feeling the breeze blow against her face as she searched the solitude within, this was something she did every day. Rex was busy wagging his tail in a happy mood as he looked for a place to do his business. Not that she cared though. It was indeed a beautiful evening, but her heart had its own gloom.

She stared down at her left hands half wishing the shinning Diamond wasn't looking back at her, but there it was hanging beautifully on her third finger.

"Why doesn't it feel right" she muttered. That caught Rex’s attention and he beautifully ran to her as if to comfort her. That brought a chuckle to her throat.

Facing the spaniel she said to him "I really wanted to settle down you know, finally I get what I want but my world still seems to be falling apart”. One would have thought the puppy could hear her.

John had proposed to her yesterday, she had been looking forward to this day but she was far from excited now. She couldn't put up with this. She knew she had always been an accessory but it doesn't just feel right anymore. She needs a safe family. Now she feels like her soul truly connects with Dave instead, but now when she needs him so much he is nowhere to be found.
“What was she expecting him to do” she sighed. Dave had loved her whole heartedly, but all she wanted was just friendship.
 “I wish I just knew where to find you, Dave”

Rex whined at her looking like all he wanted her to know is that everything is going to be fine. At-least she wished.

She was just about to take him under the shade were they always spent time playing when she heard the horns. It was too late. She blacked out.


"She is awake" a fat woman in an over-sized white gown shouted.

She turned drowsily as she felt a sharp pain to her spine "Where am I”?

A young woman with a stethoscope walked gracefully into the room.

"I am glad you are awake Ms.... it has been 3days" She said with sincerity.

What the heck are they talking about? Her heart screamed for an explanation.

"She looks blank" the fat woman whispered to the younger one annoyingly.

The younger woman who she perceived to be a doctor turned to her "Ms, you have been in a coma for a while now, thank goodness you are awake now”.

Struggling to get up she replied "Ok, but can you quit calling me Ms...That isn't my name you know”.

'We would have known that if we had your records, but you were brought it by some Good Samaritan who knows nothing about you’.

"My name is....." She thought longer than usual. Another trial "My name is.......”. All of a sudden it dawned on her that she doesn't even know who she was let alone where she lived. This wasn't happening.

The fat woman who she finally concluded was an auxiliary nurse went to a corner with the young Doctor. Their words were not audible enough for her. They turned back to her and this time around the Doctor had sadness to her face.
"I am afraid you might be having Amnesia".

"Amne-What..? "

"It is a state of ...."

Interrupting abruptly "I know the meaning. No ....No way. I know who I am."

Doctor replied hastily “Not that it has been confirmed though, we have to do some test to be sure”.

Her mind was somewhere else. When did all this happen? She tried remembering anything before the accident. Nothing came. She shifted uncomfortably, only then did she see the sparkling stone calling for her attention. At that moment she knew one thing for sure. She did not like the ring and she didn't like her past life.


He was so tired.
For how long is this going to continue? John thought as he walked to his room rubbing his chin.
Everywhere was in darkness and he could hear the squeak of his shoes on the ground. He looked around hoping to find someone around, none.
‘How did all this happen?’ He said aloud. I came out first class in school, nice Job but I feel so miserable.
A frown marred his eyebrow. ‘I have to do something, something spontaneous. Turning he strode across the bed to get a good night rest.
Sleep. He really didn’t feel like sleeping. He was looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

‘Thanks, Annie; I don’t know what I will do without you.’ He smiled down at her with eyes glowing like a boy opening his Christmas gift.
Anita’s eyes lowered to hide the pain in her eyes. She had been hoping that Dave wouldn’t fall in love with her, but one glance at him she knew how wrong she was. Hiding her pain beneath a bright smile, she took his hands into hers.
Hey, you deserve this, Dave- you are such a good friend.
‘But was he good for her’.  Anita pondered. She hated herself when she has one of these disloyal thoughts.
‘I have to go Annie’. Dave said hurriedly, carrying his briefcase.
‘Yes, we will see later tonight right?’ She dispelled the thoughts in her head. She was going to do it tonight. She was going to break his heart, she never really meant for this to happen. The friendship was going so well and she thought she had it under control.
‘Bye’ He said kissing her on the cheek.
Her mind strayed as she bolted the lock. ‘I am not ready for commitment, I don’t even know what love is’.
She stepped into the tub and buried herself beneath the soothing warm water.’ I sure need this Vacation’ she muttered allowing her mind go blank.

She was late for her flight, she had spent so much time daydreaming in the bathroom that she lost track of time. Traffic was very heavy now and airport is just few yards away but there was no way she would leave her car along the way.  She broke into relief as the cars in front of her moved away; she sped along the road, checking her time every thirty seconds.

 She made it right on time. Once inside the plane she searched for her seat, it was by the window like she asked. Slipping through to her seat, she peered out the windows. She could see part of the cabin crew down below the right wing of the plane laughing about something. This brought lots of thoughts to her head. Was she unhappy? Her life was not going as she planned.
Five years ago, on her twenty first birthday she had been pretty sure she will be married and happy by now but here she is , lonely and sad.

‘Good thoughts! Good thoughts’ she muttered silently

‘Excuse me, where you talking to me’ It was a man’s voice

Annie was so deep in her thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed that the seat beside her was now filled.

She replied hastily ‘No No I was just doing some mumblings to myself.

‘Oh, I do that too’ He said while fumbling with his safety belt. He introduced himself as John and she told him he could call her Annie like all her friends do.

She couldn’t understand why she felt comfortable with John the first time. It usually takes time for her to adjust to new people; maybe it was because he was handsome in a different kind of way. She knew many heavily built and handsome men including Dave, but his was different, he looked mysteriously charming. She blushed.

John was used to getting so much attention from women, but Annie was pretty beyond words, he could see her pretty shimmering long legs below the Mini skirt. His stomach fluttered. Strange thing, she didn’t give much attention to him like other women do. He knew at that moment he liked her.

They didn’t utter a word to each other throughout the one hour flight. They both felt the tension between them. This is going to be a fun vacation.

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