Random White Ramblings

I'm here again, I'm sure you are wondering why the title right? lol...That's something I probably can't answer :) but enjoy...

I live in abundance of grace
Don’t even have to pick up my pace
Coz in God I don't got to earn
But open my heart and willing to learn
I know the world thinks I'm crazy
Even my friends think it’s lazy
I know he’s the God of all history
I don’t care if to them it’s mystery
To love something so amazing
But I’m just gonna kip praising

You see the world promotes self
Whereas my bible tells me itself
I’m righteous not by what I DO
But by the blood that cleaned me full
Why then should I walk in darkness?
When Jesus brought me to awareness
So when people tell me to stop talking
Of why my life is so working
I just wanna scream and tell them
I’m only here because I confessed him

So if you’ve got a problem with me declaring
That christ is the king I confide in
I’m not even gonna judge you or crucify you
I’d rather give you the word to see through
You know life in the kingdom is wisdom
Not a religion with division.
We are all one body in Christ
That’s the only way to unite
So if I’m happy I’m a redeem
That’s coz of a God so supreme.

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