Child Sexual Abuse: Absolutely Unaccepted Part 1

   So yesterday I was reading about how a young girl was being molested by her father, it kind of brought tears to my eyes. Why do people have such evil in them? A 45 yr old man, molesting his 5yr old daughter? Where is the world going? Why would anyone want to prey on the innocence of a child? So many lingering questions with no meaningful answers. Some pervy molester once said – Children are seductive. Total Bullshit! It's just another way of trying to excuse his behavior and pass on the blame to the child. Sex offenders exploit a child's curiosity and his need for affection, and then blame the child! This is absolutely pathetic.

   Children Sexual abuse happens every single day and in different ways, just because we don’t see them does not mean they don’t. Some children are abused by strangers (rarely), while others (mostly) are abused by someone they know, yeah! People they know. The sad news is majority of molested children are perpetrated by family members, close relatives or people who have close proximity to them. It’s so sad to think that anyone would use physical force, or the threat of force to molest a child not to talk of your own blood and family. Gosh no matter how it occurs or who did it, it is a violation of a Child's body and it can have lasting emotional consequences. 

   It pains my heart when sometimes these children confide in someone; mostly their mum and they actually do not believe them. Children usually get this reaction when they tell their mother about her husband or boyfriend abusing them. This can happen because mothers have conflicting allegiances; they love their children and their mate. It’s hard to believe someone they love could commit such a monstrous act, particularly on their own child. It can become very traumatic. Sometimes, depending on whom, where, etc, the child even loves and protects the perpetrator more. Some children feel "special" about the abuse, as it may be the only attention or physical contact they are getting.

   Ok, I’ve heard enough of the crap-IT ISN'T SEXUAL ABUSE IF THE CHILD CONSENTED. For crying out loud how can a child consent to being abused, this is just absurd. A consenting individual is aware of what they are doing, has an understanding of the consequences, and is free from any manipulation or coercion to choose a certain way. If a person is NOT capable of knowing what they are getting into, how can it be said that consented? If a child is abused again and again, HE/SHE DID NOT CONSENT, AND IT IS STILL ABUSE. The reason is that a child is not a fully sexual being. Children are not supposed to be, a child is not fully aware of sex and all its complexities, and their own sexuality is expected to develop slowly and surely over the course of many years. Some children tend to 'go along' with the abuse in order to ensure that they get through it; but submission does not mean consent. 

   What if a gun is pointed at your head and you're told to rob someone or you get your head blown off, the issue of consent doesn't even enter into it. How can you really make a choice, when one choice offered is death?

  Some people just tend to keep silent on the issue of sexual abuse generally. Children being molested, people being raped and yet we just fold our hands and say to ourselves ‘IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO ME’ plainly telling you the truth, yes it can be you! You can be old, young, fat, tall, small, black, white, gay, straight, a cop, a student, whoever, and rape or abuse could still happen to you. Yes it’s all too comfortable to believe that you're immune to being potentially raped or sexually assaulted; in the firm believe that you couldn't be raped because you're too nice, too white or too uptight, which gives you a false sense of security. "I couldn't be raped," because I never go out at night alone." "I couldn't be raped, because I'm a man." "I couldn't be raped".. for any of a number of highly superstitious reasons, but why hide behind the powerful spell of denial. Anybody can be abused. There are never any 100% guarantees for being safe.  Trust your instinct and stay away from people who make your skin crawl or who make you feel unsafe. It's a beautiful world out there, but as you know all too well, it has the potential to be a violent one too, so use your head and stay safe!

To be continued…

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