Spoken words: Love from God’s Perspective

Hey Guys, so we had this program called a 'love filled life' and I wrote this spoken words to present with my friends, Temmy and Edima.

Love from God’s Perspective

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have the everlasting life”
-John 3:16

You see, Love is more than just a flighty emotion
It’s a pure feeling independent of nothing
I’m not here to define love according to
Encyclopedia or Wikipedia
Because God defined Love on the cross of Calvary
Having no distinction for Gender, Race or Age
He didn’t care about your money or beauty
Coz while you were yet sinners Christ died for you.
You see his love is neither limited nor demanding
But rather flawless and bedazzling
What you call love is nothing compared to his
Love is God and God is Love.

We agree that God is love and love is God.
Why then do we love some and hate some?
Why do we smile with no love in our hearts?
We get busy buying those expensive shoes
while our neighbor is right there fighting starvation
Then we go ahead and laugh at his thin shaped chest
and how he caught a Sexually transmitted Disease.
Yet we cry out, about how we love God and love men
Tricking ourselves into believing the concept of
 Loving only the givers and despising the takers.
 But you know what? God has a greater definition of love.
 It includes Me, You and that hopeless child on the street

Everyone deserves to be loved… I mean everyone
Is it that homeless man with no good shoes
And painful blisters at the sole of his feet
Or that old woman dying of a chronic disease
That keeps even her family away from her
Is it that lonely boy hoping for a true friend?
To hold his hands when all seem to be a blur.
Yet we love only those who can love us back
Who are you to decide who to hate or love?
Indeed Loving someone is easy…Too easy
But loving them as you, that takes God...
Only God

Love is holding the person next to you , Love is about telling them it will be ok, Love is what God says it is.
Love from man’s point of view is simple but Love from God’s point of view is smooth.

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