If I could

Poetic words say a lot... This was written for a very special friend of mine. It’s time people realize that there is a miracle called friendship. I dedicate this to all those out there who have that special friend they don’t want to lose.

If I could change the way the clock ticks
We would be sipping a lemonade mix
On a cool summer night
Watching the birds alight
As they kiss the sky goodbye
In the blink of an eye
If only I could.

If I could stop the Dawn of the day
Only so we could run away
To where the world makes no sound
There we’ll find our pleasure ground
In each other’s graceful embrace
We find our hiding place
If only I could.

If I could get a single replay
Of my life day after day
I’ll fast forward to the time
When your lips whispered to mine
As my thoughts missed its way
It felt like heavens bay
If Only I could.

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Alexa said...

Wow...This is so sweet. I like it.

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