Racism or just plain old mean

When it comes to Racism I try to be silent on the topic, probably because I’ve always wondered if I should write on such an evil topic that provokes such bitter controversy and hatred. Racism is one of the vilest of social cancers. Here is my recent experience-

I and my friends were walking down the road trying to survive the cold snowy evening, it was a -23 but definitely felt like a -30. As we hurried along, this middle aged man strongly hit me with his shoulder :(. He didn’t even look back or care, it was very clear he did it on purpose. Plain old mean I thought. That was just unfair, but It wasn’t enough for me to lose my grip over so we went along. Not more than 50 meters from there, some young boys were walking towards us; they were probably around 11-12 years of age. The next thing I knew one of them picked up a snow ball and threw it at us and shouted you black ********, we were practically angry and screaming at them but they kept laughing and screaming monkeys like that was the only English words they knew.

    One of my friends just stood there staring at them and they kept kicking and pouring snow on her. She just stood and watched. I felt a tear about to fall down my cheek but I sucked it up because I wasn't about to give them their satisfaction by crying ;(. Due to my standards. I wasn't ready to stoop down to their level to actually Say some hurtful things back. After that we just did what was right for the situation. We walked away. Why stay? Obviously their pathetic little lives seem to breed nothing but weakness which causes them so much harm they must latch onto something or someone.

I’ve always thought that racism is based on experiences that people have had with other races, and that made them bitter but thinking of those young kids screaming such mean words, gave me a different light to it. You see racism is fueled by ignorance and fear, and it should not exist. It's ridiculous to make assumptions about people because of the color of their skin, but people do it all the time. See this is the strange thing; people are racist out of fear, probably because of insecurity, misinformation, or normally some sick excuse. No Man is superior to another because of his race be it Black, White, Arabs or Asians. Wake up people! Racism is just a childish hate, bigotry usually hidden by blind patriotism....

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