Song for Mama!!

 So I finally gathered the courage to play in front of the wrote this song for my Mum. I wasn't audible enough :( I was kinda shy. But here are the lyrics though..;) Just so you know...I ain't no song writer :P

When I was young
My Mama once told me
That life is a song
and no one can change it
Oh no....Oh no..

I'm here today
writing a lyrics
of how by the day
my life is a music
Oh no...oh oh no.

My mama was right
she gave me good wisdom
I'm writing this song
to tell her how awesome
She is....oh ..oh..she is

I love you mama
you're a woman of honor
you brought me up
in no way no one could
I know....I..I..know...

I love you Mama...I love you Mama...
Oh Oh...Oh ....

2 Thoughts:

zainab otuyo said...

wow!, am sure she will be very proud of you.. i love the song

Dekky said...

Thanks dearie..:) I'm proud of her too...

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