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    So yesterday, I was so tired that I couldn’t even think straight. I must admit I have lots of days like that, I can’t say this enough but I DO HATE SCHOOL.  School feels like life imprisonment with no option of parole, ok maybe there is parole after all. Anyways, I have nothing specific to talk about today just updates about simple things that I’ve been going on in my life. 

  Yesterday night I had a dream that I was pregnant OMG….No way that is happening now (Hehehe it was all a dream anyway so). That probably happened because I was talking to a friend before I went to bed about children, so it is true what they say ‘be careful what you think of or say before you go to bed or they might just be your dreams’. Don’t get me wrong I want and love children but not enough to have them now when I'm not done with school or even have 7 of them...That will be overdoing the gift of God’s Union. When I was young we had this neighbour who had 11 children 0_0 (Haba…that one is too much abeg). Bottom line is this - Pregnancy does not appear on people like that,  so as always dreams can be silly.

   In case you want to know, I’m in a boring class typing this. If you are busy sitting there questioning how good a student I am then you must not have heard that all work and no play makes JILL a dull girl. My Lecturer is sick so why waste time by having stray thoughts and pointless fantasies. Yes I do have pointless fantasies, like how I want to be ‘wonder woman’ for a day and if I would actually look good in her costumes. Such a Childish Fantasy in a healthy soul.

  Something happened to me today on my way to school. I was halfway in the bus when I realized I had the wrong side of my clothes on, today was the day that God had to teach why I had to appreciate winter and the goodness of winter coats. I was about fishing for my bus fare when I realized that my long sleeve top was turned inside out, I closed my jacket immediately and when I got to school I hurriedly went to the restroom to change it. Truthfully it would have been the most embarrassing day for me if I had found out in the Hospital with loads of other students there.  Just so you know I was studying Roman 8:28 today in my bible and it says ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose’. In case you are wondering what that has got to do with what happened today , well God has taught me that there is nothing too little to be grateful for.

 So February is ending tomorrow, Yay!! I want this year to run as fast as it can and I wouldn’t even mind it flying. I see so much happiness ahead of me that I can’t wait to grab it all. Life is so beautiful believe me, never think otherwise.

Yes, things wouldn’t all be smooth.

Yes, we might not always get what we want.

 But the moment you learn to walk towards the light at the end of the tunnel, from that very moment you begin to create your own happiness.

A friend once said that words can be created out of nothing and that every word exists if you want it to (Yeah I know, so not true otherwise we would all have our own dictionaries). Anyways I’m going say this- HUGZISS* for all those who have brought happiness to my life!!!

*Blending of Hugz and Kisses

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