Memories of a lost dream

  I strolled aimlessly at the train station. It was very obvious that my nerves were getting the best of me; I was busy twisting my middle finger like I always did when my nerve failed me.  ‘Ok, twenty more minutes’ I thought, focusing my gaze on the two elderly couples looking for a seat prior to their train departure. Aww, so cute I silently murmured. My mind was drifting away from them…was drifting to two weeks ago…

  ‘’I am tired of Facebook and all the social media sites this days, they are kind of boring. Gosh I need a life; things were getting a bit too lonely and the same old routine. I need something to look forward to everyday’’ I seriously pondered. Just like always I was busy going back to the same old routine of clicking profiles and reading lousy about ME’s. Well that was when I saw him. I will never know if it was boredom that made me type the words to him or maybe it’s the curiosity I have in me, after all curiosity never did kill anything. Whichever way I just couldn’t stop myself from connecting with him.
Few hours later, I was nervous to open the email blinking before my eyes, perhaps it was the fear of what was written inside or probably because I felt cheesy for sending the message and now I’ve gotten a reply and I couldn’t even get myself to open it.

 Finally I did.

Five Words changed everything. “Yes, we can be friends”

  It was the sound of the little boy screaming for some candy that knocked me back to the moment. I smiled sheepishly at how I wondered off again to my own very world. The two couples were no longer there. I checked my time and I had actually gone to memory land for about ten minutes.

 ‘You are so freaking weird’ I said to myself.

  There was an empty seat right across the candy shop; I hurriedly went to take it before someone else could. No doubt that my leg needed some rest now. I had gone to meet an old school mate earlier for a cup of coffee, afterwards I took a mini tour of the city hoping to while away some time. Talking of time, I glanced at my wrist watch. It was time. I could hear the pounding of my heart over my ears. I brought out my phone to play some games, that will surely help me calm down. It always does. I was totally winning my game when I heard his voice over my bent head.  ‘Hey, sorry I’m late he said’. I was mesmerized by how cute he was and all I could say was ‘that’s ok’. The rest was mystery.

  We were busy sipping coffee and laughing at how stupid the movie was.

It felt like home.

No it was home.

   I leaned against him, my head on his solid chest as he wrapped his arms around me.  I felt safe and secured. I knew at that moment that we were meant to be. Things had gone so fast from the moment we met. The chemistry was undeniable, it was very clear that we both wanted to be in a relationship with one another. Throwing caution to the wind, we took a bold step together. Things were right, so right that it felt like fantasy. I don’t believe in fairy tales but I was having one of my own. My very own ‘Cinderella story’. I looked up to stare into the eyes of my prince; I could see all the care in there.

“Will you be mine?” He whispered

 I smiled “I’ve always been yours”

He lowered his head to meet mine. I knew it was the magical kiss….I didn’t have to kiss many frogs to meet my prince...

I shut my eyes awaiting the feel of his lips against mine….

  My alarm beeped repeatedly, jolting me out of the best moment of my life. How could it be a dream? No way. I tightly shut my eyes hoping it will all come back again.

‘God, this is what I want’ I prayed silently.

  I knew it was time to get up and get over my dream, but I was determined. I’m finding my prince charming and when I do I’m going to lose myself in every fairy tale we create together.

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