Since today is women’s day and I am practically a woman of substance I decided to write out 25 reasons why I would stay been a woman.....

1. I am wonderfully and gorgeously made
2. There are many hands to lift me when i slip to the ground. Poor men they have to get up on their own.
3. Men hold the door open for me.
4. I can easily show my disappointments or disapprovals, poor men....they can’t help the ego.
5. Even strangers shows care if i am in trouble. Men have to manage themselves
6. I can cry in public. Men can’t without been frowned upon
7. I never run out of excuses
8. I don't have to worry if I am short. Men still like me
9. I am flexible
10. When I get upset, I don't destroy property or hurt people - I just take it out on the world in general because I can
11. Easy to make friends.
12. I have a higher tolerance to pain
13. I can connive men into doing my homework, writing my papers or carrying my books anytime I want.
14. I don't bother if my IQ level is less. Just a smile is enough
15. I can throw a punch at a man and not get hit in return.
16. I don't have to lie to boast myself better
17. I don't get embarrassed when buying tampons
18. I have better fashion sense
19. I am a better shopper
20. I don't have to make fools out of myself to impress a man
21. I don't need an excuse to be in a bad mood.
22. If I was on a ship with a man, I will get saved first.
23. When I follow a guy around, we are groupies, but when a guy follows me around he is a stalker.
24. I don't destroy things.
25. Without me....someone out there has his ribs missing for a lifetime...

Ladies out there I just want you all to know we are worth more been who we are...don’t let anyone out there intimidate you or reprimand you...You have a value!!!

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