Challenges of dating me

8 Fears I have about Dating

Liking you too much
You not liking me as much
You leaving me for someone else
You cheating on me - with anyone!
Rats. Okay. Really not love related but I hate rats and if you can keep me calm during a rat episode. I’ll know you care about me. :P
Cooking you something disgusting. Haha, seriously.
Farting/Burping before we’re at the proper “fart/burp” comfort-level
My family/friends/roommates/coworkers not liking you when I really do.

7 Wants — I’m not asking for much, just these 7 things... And maybe a few more, but these 7 are important to me.  

Non-shady individual. If you're hiding your phone from me or just being secretive about what you're doing, I will get really angry.
Someone who has a life!
Someone I can make weird noises around and dance like a goof but still be viewed as pretty normal
A person that understands how consumed with work I am and be nonjudgmental about my desire to work.
Loyalty is pretty big.
If you can communicate your problems (“I feel” messages!!!) then you are definitely someone I want to date.
Someone who will defend me if need be. If your friend says something mean about me, I sure do expect you to stand up for me regardless of how long you & friend have been friends for. I would do the same for you because I care about you. That, and it’s just plain nice to show you care.

6 Loves — Do these and I’ll like you loads!

1. Make me coffee
2. Make me anything for that matter
3. Take dumb pictures together. A bunch of ‘em, too
4. Make playlists for one another. Seriously, I’m such girl though, so I'll overanalyze every lyric to every song you put on it. No but really.
5. Scream and cheer with me for our favorite sports teams
6. be able to enjoy one another’s company. We don’t need to be up each other’s butts’ 24/7. If we can sit in the same room and do our own individual thing without feeling ignored, then that’s good, too!

3 Places I will take you or ask you to go with me

Cinema/Park-  I will want you as my companion because let’s be real, someone else is going to try to be  if you don't.
Paris : Ohhhh!!! Adventures! Come with me anywhere the wind takes us!
Like I said before, if I bring you home to mom & dad, to the roommates, to my coworkers, to my friends — you are really liked. Don’t mess it up or my heart will break and I’ll be upset!!

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