Day 1: Facebook Rehab.

  Like I said earlier, I’m taking a 30 day break from Facebook. Going into a Facebook Rehab, of sorts….with all of the blessings and beauty and connection that Facebook provides, I have found for me that at this time in my life it has become a source of great procrastination, confusion and distraction from doing things that I fear, and yet things that I know I am supposed to do.  I deleted Facebook from my phone today.

  Anyway, it is already so hard. I already feel lonely, disconnected and afraid of being forgotten by people that I already love and people that I have grown to love so much. This is truly one of the bravest and scariest things I have ever done or will ever do, Cheesy right?  This is why I think it is so important that I do it. I should not be relying on the internet to determine my self-worth. It is time for me to face this head-on.  I know it’s the right decision and I feel victorious….but man, I am telling you, this is SO HARD. I'm not "leaving" Facebook forever; I’m just taking a break from it. It's consuming all of my free time.

Day 1 in Facebook rehab

  Hi, my name is ‘Kemi, and I’m a Facebook addict.

  I should have known better. The signs were there from the beginning, but I ignored them because I didn’t want to think I was the kind of person who had such a weak character. Officially, I don’t have an “addictive personality.” Or so I thought.

  I did allow myself to read the emails of postings and Inbox messages sent to my Yahoo mail account. Is that cheating or deal-making? I’m going to go with “no” on that one. After all, email is fair game.
Is that like saying I can drink beer but no alcohol? Well whatever, it’s just day 1 right? One day at a time. Friends were calling all day asking why I wasn’t on Facebook anymore that made it even more difficult.

  However my ruminations have led me to this succinct conclusion: Facebook is a cruel mistress indeed. (I am pretty sure I’m not the first one to say that. In fact, I’m almost positive I stole the phrase “Facebook is a cruel mistress” from one of my Friends. If it was you, please post a Comment on this page to garner the credit you so deserve. If nobody posts, then clearly I made it up myself.) Yes, as I so wittily and originally remarked, Facebook is a cruel mistress indeed. She takes and takes and takes until you find yourself huddled in a dark, cold room at an hour far past when all decent humans go to sleep with your eyeballs bleeding as you’re hunched over the computer with a self-inflicted case of osteoporosis, and you’re taking the “What Happy Days Character Are You?” quiz for the fourth time, hoping against hope that you don’t get Potsie again. 

Later at night…

  The whole house is quiet, tucked away in my bed I had that itchy fingers and I had them badly. Thinking “I wonder who is online right now. I wonder if someone wants to chat with me. Sometimes my sound alert doesn’t work on the Chat, so maybe someone is on there right now saying “You there? I see you online. Where are you? Why aren’t you answering me? Are you mad at me, ‘Kemi? How dare you! I hate you, and I’m de-Friending you right this second if you don’t answer me. Stuffs like that. Well but in the long run, maybe no one is missing me.

  Day 1 went well, stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 in Facebook Rehab.

  I love you all………I really do.

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Harold said...

Great Article!
I got off FB almost 2 yrs. ago & some people can't believe I left & think I'm going to comeback...
Hehehehehe! Never Again FB. Never Again.
I am still on Twitter, but no one really knows me. And I love that!

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