How I Defeated my Coca Cola Demon

  In a million years I would never have thought of writing about my Coca Cola addiction, but I was talking to Alex, a friend of mine earlier on and he actually thought it was a good idea to ramble on my Coca Cola demon. So one way or the other the inspiration for this write up was his idea  :).

Hi my name is Kemi and I’m a recovering Cola addict.

If you are a Coca Cola addict, I want to let you know I UNDERSTAND exactly how you feel.  People who don’t have the same addiction don’t understand and think it’s silly.  It’s NOT.  It’s very REAL and the feelings associated with it or caused by it can be very painful. I made that final commitment because I realized but more importantly accepted I had lost all self-control when it came to Cola and that was wearing on my confidence.  I hated that feeling of being controlled by Cola. I hated that I couldn’t pass up Cola. I hated that I dreaded social events because I knew that they would probably lead to a Cola binge.  I hated that I could never lose weight because no matter how healthy I ate I would still drink cola excessively.

Addiction is strong beyond understanding. And it’s tricky and baffling. If you are a non-addict, like I am to alcohol, please don’t judge addiction by your standard. And if you are addicted to something, like I was to Cola my deep feeling goes to you. My misuse of Coca Cola began at the age of 16, I just got out of high school (Boarding School) and I had enough time on my hands, going out with friends and just grabbing a bite and a drink. It became more constant, and this was how the addiction started.  At a point I felt it was the only drink that was “unconditionally” perfect for me, or so it seemed. I couldn’t sleep because my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about Cola for long enough.  In reality there was a price to pay. It ruled my life and although I would wrestle it to the ground and gain some control over it from time to time, I never really worked through this issue until Late 2010.

When I realized it was getting the best of me, I sobbed and reeled for 3 days straight as my grief came to the surface in waves. After a few days as my pain and grief began to subside I noticed something really interesting. How I saw Cola…how I used to feel about cola had changed and it changed literally overnight. I knew it was time to overcome this struggle.  I started working on my Cola problem. Yes, in the way most people deal with problems — by loathing and working against the problem. I tried to control my Cola addiction. I mixed Cola with water, calculated my calorie intake carefully. Needless to say, I cleaned up my fridge and rid of all Cola. The longest I could stay Cola free was a week. Sooner or later, something triggered my Cola cravings and I was back to it. The trigger could be various things — sweets offered at social gatherings or as samples at the grocery store, work stress, or just the general sense of boredom.

One day I decided I could no longer go on like that, I decided to stay off it totally. I must say it was really hard, the first two weeks was like I was going to faint, I was Coca cola dehydrated :) Well, that was 8 months ago and my current relationship with Cola is a healthy one. Am I perfect? Of course not, anybody is because we are human. But that’s perfectly wonderful because the real issue of being obsessed with Coca Cola from a very young age is gone. I now drink water like a “normal” person.

Previously, in my life, when it seemed like my Cola addiction was out of control, my spending would not be. I exchanged one addiction for another and I was scared and unwilling to work on this latter issue. However, I have now stepped up to do this work. I have been working at deeper and deeper levels spiritually and energetically and I feel ready to meet whatever is behind or underneath this issue. I’m scared…and I’m ready.

I hope this helps someone.  If I can break my Cola addiction ANYONE can because I was once someone who sat in my room with a 2 liter bottle of Cola down my throat.

Here are some of the ways in which Cola does its damage:
Heart Disease
Tooth decay
Disruption of normal brain utility
Weakened immune system
Low blood sugar

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