Spoken words: Saved

Are you saved?
Well, my bible tells me I’m redeemed not by the things I reveal
But by faith through Jesus, who made me guiltless
That I might no longer walk in shadows, but overshadow
If I try to earn my way to heaven by doing good works,
I am bound to fail because I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH
But God used his Son to save me, Christ died on the cross
So I might feel worthy and be worthy
Get this, if you are saved…
You know it
You show it
You live it

Are you saved?
Salvation is a gift of mercy from God to cleanse our mess
We are saved solely by grace and grace alone
So your friend walks up to you, only to tell you
It doesn’t matter who you believe in, as long as you are sincere
As trendy as that may sound, that is not what the Bible teaches
Yes, you believe that there is one God. You do well
Even the demons believe - and tremble! Obviously that’s not enough
Because Jesus is the only way to heaven, it couldn't be any clearer than that.
Get this, if you are saved…
You confess it
You believe it
You proclaim it

Are you saved?
You say, "Yes, I'm saved
I was nine when I  gave my hand to my pastor and my heart to Jesus
I’m not living for God right now, I admit
But I know I'm saved, because I remember what I did when I was nine
Who says the Bible uses experience as proof of salvation?
Who says you are saved by something you remember in the past?
Who says it takes a decade to bear good fruit?
Who says that you cannot prove your salvation?
Get this, if you are saved…
You shout it
You witness it
You enjoy it

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The Rambler's Chronicles:Single Till Married

Folks ask me all the time, “what are you going to do when you start dating someone,will you still say I’m single ?”

My response: “Yes!”

“But you won’t be single” they say.

“Yes I will be. You are single until you are married.”

Very few people understand what I mean by this. I’ve said it a thousand times before. Dating is an interview process. Marriage is the real commitment.

Women tend to treat a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship like a marriage and then get hurt when he decides she isn’t the one and to keep looking. Actually, women get defensive, indigent, insulted. Men take a more wait and see approach.

My aunt always told me the best time to find a man is when you have one. “ you got a boyfriend. That’s nice. Keep looking to see if he is Mr right.”

“But auntie, he’s really sweet and fun.”

“Ok, well he can be sweet and fun but he also could be the man that will lead you to your real husband.”
I’m still testing her theory out.

I have a friend who knows a friend- who if judging by the way she treats her relationships has been married and divorced 3 times at the age of 29. Her first “marriage” was to her college sweetheart. She made him dinner on her hot plate. Washed his laundry when he was cramming for finals. Borrowed her dad’s car to help move her bf across the city for his internship and back again. He was headed to Grad School when he decided that it was best he focus his attention to his studies. He thanked her for being a good girlfriend. It lasted 4 years.

“Husband” #2 was from age 23-26. He was a cop, just bought a house and always talked about having kids. She was sure they would really be married one day. Basically she spent 6 out of 7 days at his place and helped him decorate. Started playing house, there was no time for friends unless he was busy and she was clueless when it came to having male friends. The only man, of any kind, in her life was the cop. She caught him cheating on her one night at his house when he told her he was out of town for the weekend.

Her last “marriage” was a quick one. He was a co-worker who liked her. She was so bitter from the failed marriages that she didn’t take him seriously. After a year of playing him, she finally smartened up but it was too late. He strung her along like she had done him.  Two years later she realized she was left empty yet again.

The trouble with my friends friend “the bride” is she treated each boyfriend like a husband when not every man you date is husband material. Same goes for men who treat all women like queens when really some of them are scandalous tricks.

I love to hear women go on and on about “We are in a committed relationship,” when they speak of their boyfriend and how seriously they work at it. That’s all good and well but the real commitment is when you say “I do”. So until I have an engagement ring on my finger…I am single!

The Ramblers Chronicles: Cracked Foundations

I’m sitting here this afternoon thinking about cracked foundations. Probably because there is a repairman upstairs ripping parts of something as we speak. You see, some years ago I rented a house and the owners hid a crack in the kitchen flooring from me until the renting deal was final. When I found it and confronted them they refused to pay for the repair. I eventually let it go and prayed it would never be a problem. I’ll throw a rug over it, I thought. After all, that’s what the previous owners did. Everything was fine until weeks later, the crack began to spread until six tiles were cracked and the problem began to seep out of the kitchen and into the room.

The problem had grown to a place where I could no longer ignore it. It would no longer fit conveniently under a rug, the tile was cracked because the foundation of the house had cracked and the person who originally laid the tile hadn’t put a protective sealant down to prevent the tile from cracking right along with the foundation.

How like life, I thought to myself. And relationships. Sometimes we build relationships right on top of cracked foundations. If I can just hide these cracks, we think to ourselves, I can pretend they aren’t there. Everything is fine until something shakes the foundation and it is proven faulty. The cracks in the foundation result in cracks in the relationship. Sometimes they are repairable. Other times they aren't.

What are some faulty foundations we can build relationships on? Here’s a short list:

▪We want someone cool to like us so we lie about our likes and dislikes to fit in.

▪A cute guy begins showing us attention so we try to appear as someone we’re not to keep him interested.\

▪Our friends at school think being a Christian is lame so we tell them we only go to church because our parents make us.

▪We aren’t allowed to attend certain types of parties so we lie to our parents and say we are spending the night with a friend so we can sneak out and go.

Cracked foundations. Dangerous ground. It’s all just a matter of time before those cracked foundations get rocked and more damage is done.

The thing about a cracked foundation is that it’s a broken foundation. We can’t expect a broken foundation to sustain weight and pressure. When life happens broken foundations only become more broken—unless we put the time and effort it to actually fix the problem instead of trying to hide it.

Do you have any cracked foundations in your life that need repairing? Do you have some relationships in your life that you may need to rethink? Are there new relationships you are in the process of building that need solid foundations?

I would love to hear your story.

The Ramblers Chronicles: Moving On

This is a new personal series I’m trying out to see if you like it, find it interesting, funny, helpful, whatever. It is no-punches-pulled, 100% ridiculously transparent.

I can’t lie to you.

I’m definitely in a transitional period in my life.  I was even considering the dramatic act of cutting all my hair off, Caesar-style.  My friends would understand right? For some reason, women always turn to the scissors in hopes of “getting a fresh start”. Well, I didn’t cut my hair off BUT…I am moving forward. It’s the season for it, don’t you agree?

While shifting through all of my “issues” I realized something…

Most people like to wear their issues on their sleeves, tormenting themselves and all those who see it. For some reason, we often feel like we have to “fix” everything, even when we know it is beyond repair. This is especially true when it comes to relationships.

Answer the following question honestly:

Have you ever ended a relationship at the exact moment you felt it was over?

Take to the comments section to answer.  I bet 90% will say, no.

The reason: Many of us like to punish ourselves. We like to feel like we have to “stick it out”, “make it work”, etc, blah blah blah.  I’m not saying that you should run at the first sign of trouble but you know when 2 + 2 is no longer = 4. You get that gut feeling in your stomach. You confide in your best friend. You start to look at your partner differently; with disgust, disdain.

A friend had been off and on with his girlfriend of 4 years. Each time we talked about the shortcomings of their relationship it was the same three things:
1 – She wasn’t a good communicator
2 – She wasn’t matured
3 – Her mother controlled her life

[Of course, since this was coming from a friend, I have no idea with her issues with him were.]

Each time she promised to work on things. At first, there would be an improvement: more talk, more head, less references to mommy dearest. Weeks would pass and slowly she would return to her old habits.

Finally, tired of hearing the same story I asked him:  Why are you with her if it’s clear that this is who she is.

Friend: I love her.

Me : Well, let me be the first to tell you, you can love someone and NOT be with them. At some point you 
have to love yourself more and MOVE ON.

Moving on is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Unhappy with work, friends, family, a relationship? Accept it for what it is. You can’t fix everything or everyone. More importantly, you shouldn’t suffer or feel like a failure because it didn’t work. Take the lessons you learned, use them to become a better person and…MOVE ON!

Unstructured Confessions of A Single Woman

My palms started to sweat…my heart started racing, I felt flush….

I started to think more about this theory of actually being open to a relationship with someone and all of a sudden, I didn’t feel so good….

Now, I’m not talking about really getting the runs…because for the record, women don’t do that…we don’t poop, or burp, or fart…

Has that ever happened to you? Has the thought of a relationship ever sent you running, not just from it but maybe running to the nearest bathroom? I think it’s more typical for people to think of the term “relation-shit” as their once good relationship turns bad but what about feeling sick BEFORE you even get to the relationship part?? The more I think about it, the more nervous I start to feel, and slightly nauseous too…
I started to getting flashbacks of my one long relationship, and thought, if I was open to entering one now with someone new, would it be the same?

These are my confessions.

I consider myself a very courageous person but I believe, courage is the direct result of facing a fear in the first place.  It’s been YEARS since I've been in a relationship. I am truly selective about whom I spend my time with and my next boyfriend will be someone I've considered marrying down the road…That’s how serious I take the “boyfriend/girlfriend” title.

Every time I meet a good guy I try asking the very popular question… “When was your last relationship? I always think about not asking at all. I mean, who really wants to know, even though I am always slightly curious. But when it comes up, all the scenarios starts popping up in my head: “I am divorced, never had a serious relationship, I have 3 children from 3 different baby moms ad so on”

When I started dating at the age of 20, it was easy, interestingly as time went on and as I got older, it became difficult. I guess it’s only the natural progression of life, that people will have had other relationships at my age, and would now probably be a red flag if at this point they hadn’t. Losing me happened rather quickly. I got so caught up in his world that I forgot who I even was…well, let’s face it, at 20 I didn’t know who I was but instead of trying to create myself, I tried to create what he wanted… which in the end I never did a good job of anyway…must have been the inner rebel in me.

My ex and I became more like friends than bf and gf. We never went out on dates once we got comfortable. I am NOT comfortable with comfortable! I want to keep things fresh and special even years from now. That ties into romance. I NEED that. My ex and I didn’t have that.

I’m not really afraid of monogamy, I’m afraid of monotony! I’m afraid, as I see so many couples, as it happened to me, that the “dating” part stops. Next thing you know every single weekend is spent in watching boring dvds, your skin begins to crave for some sun, and you possibly most definitely allow yourself to get FAT! That didn’t just happen to me right? RIGHT?! This shouldn’t happen…but don’t lie, you’ve seen it, and maybe you’ve experienced it, without even knowing its happening. These fears have actually sent me running in the other direction at times because I feel since that one major relationship, I have been happier alone.

In speaking of my one long term relationship, I want to make it clear that my ex was not a bad person. He was a kind and caring person. It just takes so many different people to make up this world and what I needed may not be what someone else needs and that’s why people break up and those same people work better with others. Because I spent years being so involved in his world, I feel these last few years, I have been making up for lost time. Going on adventures he would have never taken me on, and just being happy in ways I couldn’t be with him. The idea of losing that freedom again, scares me to death because so many times you fall in love and not even know what happened…to you.

Falling in love does not scare me. Falling out of love does….Being with the wrong person does. Sometimes I have this reoccurring thoughts that I am being forced to get married. I don’t even know the guy and my parents and family are literally pushing me down the aisle toward him. I am yelling “I don’t love him, I don’t even know him!” and all they keep saying is “It will be fine, it’s OK, you’ll be OK.”…oh and every single time…I’m in some HORRIFIC 70′S wedding dress. YUK! I always come back to reality with my heart racing.

Whenever I think about relationships, my thoughts seem to revert back to how much I love myself and how well I treat myself and how I don’t want to enter into a relationship for all that to stop. Even in over-analyzing for the sake of this blog and thinking about relationships…it’s not just about what the next guy will give to me, I want to make sure I am wonderful to that guy as well. Guys seem so much easier but I want to make sure I give him everything he wants and needs. I’m hoping that’s just God, Love and Faithfulness right?

It all turns my stomach into knots. Committing isn’t the issue; it’s who I become after I do. How do I find the balance? How do I remain aware of how to keep “me” as a priority? I know I eventually want to face this simply because the feeling of being in love is wonderful. I know I can have that feeling. I guess the only thing I can do is be who I would want to be with, in a relationship. Give him everything and hope he wants to do the same with me, not punish him for my past, or judge him for his, and only focus on treating each other well. The biggest obstacle for me is getting to the actual relationship part…which I will in due time…and will possibly buy enough Pepto-Bismol to deal with the side effects of the journey in the meantime.

Father's Love Letter

Dear Child of mine,

 You've been on my mind and heart for so long. I see you struggling, planning, worrying, sweating, crying and running around in circles at a furious pace. I see you're trying to move those mountains by yourself again. I asked that you cast all your cares on Me because I care about you. Think about what your worrying says to Me; because I really care about you. Think about what your worrying says to Me; when you refuse to give things over to Me. 

When you worry about money, you're telling me that I am unable to provide for My own child-You. That although I have riches beyond your wildest imaginations in Heaven; that I am unwilling to share them with you. 
When you worry that no one understands you, you're telling Me that even though I have been with you since before you were formed in the womb; and have carved you with the palm of My hand, that I do not know you.

When you worry that you will not have enough food; that although I rained down bread from heaven to feed my children in the desert; divided the loaves and the fishes; that I have forgotten you. When you worry that your enemies have victory over you, you're telling Me that although I have given you spiritual battle gear to wear to defend yourself, that despite My track record of being a Giant Slayer, Red Sea divider, Lion Mouth Closer, and a Furnace Cooler, that I can't handle your home; your family; your neighbor, or friends. 

When you worry that you won't be able to do enough to earn forgiveness, you're telling me “My Father, there’s no need for you to die for me, I can earn my own forgiveness. Let's just act like you never died”. You, telling Me I didn't need to go to the cross. 
When you worry that no one will love you, that you'll be lonely for the rest of your life, you're telling Me that My love is insufficient. That I couldn't possibly love you enough to ward away loneliness. You're saying that although I have promised life more abundantly, I am being untruthful. 

When you worry and refuse to give the problem over to me, you're telling Me that even though I created the world, I can't handle what's going on in your world. 
When you worry My Child you are saying that I can't work things out for you. That obstacle cannot be overcome, mountains cannot be climbed, healing cannot occur, what is lost will not be found, and that joy does not come in the morning. 

You are saying that I’m not the God of a second chance. That the promised land has been swallowed up by the desert and hat you have discovered the height, depth and width of My love and found it to fall short of your needs. 

Think about all that you're saying to the one who loves you the most and who has all power. I want you to really think about it! Then open your hands and release what you've been holding on to... to Me. Bow down on your knees and ask Me to forgive you for doubting Me. 

Walk away with a peaceful heart and note the footsteps that go before you to make the crooked places straight, a way in the wilderness and water spring forth in the desert are Mine. 

"Do not fear My Child, for I am with you always. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am here. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." ~Isaiah 41:10~ 

My Child; stand in a stream with waters around your ankles. The waters that you see pass by you at that moment is gone. So it is with the miseries that have challenged your life. Let it go... let it pass away. 

My Child; I am here with you now, and I will always be. 

Just let go, and let Me be Me. 

                                                                                                  Your Loving Father,

Worry Series: My Name is worry

My name is worry; some of you know me very well. I am probably the last thing you do before sleeping and the first thing on your mind as the day breaks. I am the one that makes you travel to the land of What If through many roads. Sometimes I get you there by making you watch the news or by making you have a conversation with a hurting friend, and sometimes I take you to the memory of your pain and heartache.

 I’m good at what I do!!

You see, there are so many problems with living with me, but when you find me as your companion sleep is impossible. I let your imagination run wild with every disaster theory I can get.  I love to watch you get trapped, pouring every last drop of your energy and attention into the “what if” thoughts, my very own creation.

 I tempt you into letting your fears define you!!

Like Dorothy, who thought she was trapped in Oz, You have the power to leave me. You just have to close your eyes, tap your heels together three times and keep repeating, “There’s no place like Peace. There’s no place like Peace.”  Before long, you will be sponge soaking in the world of peace, without me. But some of you love me so well; I’ve become a part of you.

I get stuck to you like glue!!

I am worry; I can offer you a lot- Tachycardia, hypertension and so much more…

Living with me or leaving me is your decision. 

What If?

What if there was no day?
Would we ever find our shadow?
Would we ever smile at the sun?
Would there ever be tomorrow?

What if there was no love?
Would people kill just to smile?
Would war find a home in this world?
Would we feel alive at all?

What if only the rich had wealth?
Would the poor ever survive?
Would the homeless ever go home?
Would the world be filled with greed?

What if envy was a good thing?
Would we hurt when someone has it all?
Would foes all be friends?
Would gossip ever exist?

What if I was like you?
Would we ever get along?
Would everyone trust me?
Would there be joy in this world?

What if all I write comes true?
Would I be considered a fool?
Would we ever live through it?
Would the world have a loud silence?

What if?

Karma or not ?

Not long ago, I had a conversation with a friend where he proclaimed a firm belief in the idea that "if you do good things, good things will happen to you." Further prying revealed that he did indeed have a strong belief in Karma.  Of course, I was fed a completely unsatisfying answer, "I believe in Karma but I don't think it always applies." So, basically, I'm being told that when you do good things, sometimes good things will happen to you and when you do something bad, bad things might happen to you.

Ultimately, as if it's not already clear, I do not believe in Karma. Just based on personal experience it doesn't seem to hold true and I think by its own nature, it is impossible. Karma cannot account for every result in the world. There are plenty of things which are outside our control... natural disasters, accidents, etc. Nor can one say that something negative happening to them is necessarily as a result of his past Karma... Tell that to the victims of the Nine Eleven. Still, it stands to reason that the more positive actions you perform, the more positive chains of events will occur and vice-versa.

I understand that people in general just use the term Karma loosely, because we ALL love it when a nemesis gets what was seemingly coming to them (i.e. status update: KARMA'S A *****, AIN'T IT?? followed by evil laughter :) But I have heard a lot of people state that they believe in karma. Why? It's completely beyond my understanding.

Get this, for every action that you, your friends, your old neighbor who ran off with an internet lover, or whoever commits there is a reaction somewhere, even though it doesn't necessarily have to come back to you or them. I'm just tired of hearing random people say when something good happened to them that it was karma. No, you got the internship because you worked yourself off in class and studied, and perhaps was even favored by the teacher.  I also strongly believe in God's favor because there were lots of times when good things happened to me, when I really didn't put any effort into making them happen. That’s God's favor; it was not karma looking out for me. When your ex knocks up someone from a one-night stand-- not karma! People breed everyday! Animals breed everyday! It's not a miracle or some cosmic force that made her egg become fertilized just to please you because your ex wronged you some time ago. It’s called “Cause and effect”. For every action, there is a reaction. 

 I'm going close with this: If karma exists, what did children ever do to get molested? Or die at birth? So how will they ever be righted? I don't believe in Karma, however I do believe in God, I have seen with my own eyes what he does. Yes I am a good person, but do good things happen to me all the time? No, especially not in love, but the bad things I do, I seem to receive payback for them without a doubt. So I guess it goes like this we reap what we sow, very true.

Not fussing at anyone in particular... I'm just tired of hearing people use Karma as an easy explanation for a difficult world.

La la la la, take me Home. Mummy, I’m coming Home


Hello Mum…

Hi Sweetie, how are you? Sorry we didn’t call to wish you Happy Easter, we were busy and had lots of guests around.

It’s ok, at least I’m glad everyone is ok.

Yes we are indeed fine. Well, I just wanted you to know that your brother is getting married in July and you have to come home.

*Jaw drops* OMG, seriously?. …As in seriously?

I can still recall every bit of the phone conversation I had with my mum today. Wow... Time changes, people grow up. It just seems like it’s always been us six (mom, dad, Ty, By, Tope, and me). Even with our cousin’s who were constantly around, we still have always been a unit.  So finally TY is going to marry his one and only love, Wunmi.  He has proposed and is going to walk down the aisle in July! It’s going to be such a wonderful day. Anyone that knows them knows that they are made for each other. Where one lacks, the other one makes up for. Where one shines, the other stands back in admiration. It’s really cute to watch. And although our family unit is happily changing, I will always have fond memories of the 6 of us laughing and spending good times together.

I’m so happy for him. He found a wonderful girl who loves the Lord and who loves him. They adore each other and are so cute together.  My now sister-in-law is wonderful and she sounds sweeter on the phone. I have no doubt that she will make my brother happy.

I admire my brother and YEAH!! I am very excited that he is getting married.  I’m even more excited that I will be there. I never even thought of going back home this year but now I’m so looking forward to July, spending so much time with my family is the best thing ever.

I have no doubt that Ty will be a faithful husband and father. God has given him a different story, a different adventure from mine, it’s clear that it’s the same God, the same Father weaving the details together into glory, into something beautiful. We’ll stand up in a few months in and we’ll ask Jesus to smile down on this new family. We’ll ask Him for the same miracle He’s been spinning for the last six thousand years…

What more can I ask for?

                                                    MUMMY I’M COMING HOME!!!

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It's not something you get, it's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day!"- Barbara De Angelis

20 things that grinds my gears

Have you ever thought of those things that people do that really makes you feel like throwing them to another planet, but you can't really figure out why they keep doing it? Yea that's what I want to talk about 'cause these things really grind my gears.

Point 1: Cat calls and lousy pick-up lines: “The color combination you have on would make good wedding colors.”  I also hate it when the first thing a guy says to me before he says hi is 'I don't see a ring on your finger or why are you single?' That's just a lame line, it doesn't work for me, at least try a common courtesy.

Point 2:I hate it when strangers or acquaintances ring me on yahoo messenger without asking if can I answer their call. I find it absolutely rude especially when your status reads 'busy'.

Point 3:I hate it when I answer so much question in class and my lecturer gives me the same mark as someone who doesn't know the topic for the class or when my classmates asks me for a question and I say I don't know and the next thing he or she says is 'why don't you know, you should know it'...I feel like screaming out 'THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW IT TOO'

Point 4:I hate it when people see me and ask if we have cars in my country or if I live in a hut?..It makes me wonder if all their brain could process when they see a black person is THE JUNGLE.

Point 5: It really grinds my gears when I get to a website and it takes 15 seconds for the website to load only to see a flash intro that has no content.

Point 6: People who stop in the middle of an aisle to chat and don't move when they see you coming.

Point 7: Facebook weirdoes! I don't know who you are...I don't want to be friends...Even if you request 40/11 more times!

Point 8: People that are invited to dinner , accept the invite and come late!!!

Point 9:  Anyone who cannot say 'Please' or 'Thank you' or hold a door open when you are clearly right behind them.

Point 10: People who patronize me and smile while doing their best to make me seem stupid

Point 11: People who will not admit that they made a mistake

Point 12 : Bodybuilders. Shocked? Now I’m not saying this about ALL bodybuilders. But it’s the attitude of some guys that just gets on my nerves.

Point 13: People taking up computers in the library to play Farmville. There are thousands of students and not nearly enough computers. I would bring my laptop but I don’t want to lug it around and the lack of a decent Wi-Fi signal makes it a waste of time. I find it incredibly frustrating that I cannot finish my work on a paper because 50% of the people using the computer are watching YouTube videos or harvesting their crops.

Point 14: People texting while walking down the road, I completely understand that everyone has a busy life. With that said, I think we should have a "Don’t text and walk" rule. If you have to text maybe you should pull it over on the side, text away and get back on the freeway. I have yet to see someone walk into a wall while texting, which I might find a little humorous. I have seen people slam into other people and it’s a little embarrassing.

Point 15: Hollywood’s recent obsession with shooting films in 3D that don’t need it! Why the heck is Justin Bieber's movie in 3D?

Point 16: Humidity. I’m a Black girl with Black girl hair. The end.

Point 17: Dirty Old men, Nothing worse than walking down the street while a 65 year old man oggles you. It just makes my skin crawl. They act like they’ve never seen a woman! Ewwww.

Point 18: Drunks who get within inches of your face while talking to you.They feel the need to stand toe to toe with you and talk about all this sentimental garbage that you have no clue about, all the while they are inches from your face and you are getting drunk off of the fumes that are coming out of their mouth.

Point 19: Not flushing the toilet.

Point 20: Lady Gaga. Fans take no offence, I simply do not get her.

So, that's just basically some of the things that totally grind my gears...

My Unstructured Letter to You.

I woke up this morning, only to find out that someone anonymously sent me a top up credit for my phone, at that moment I realized that even though I don't know the person, he/she succeeded in putting a smile on my face. Well, that prompted me to think about all the strangers that visit my blog everyday, all those people I may never get to meet in life, but yet they find their way to this very page. Today I'm writing an open letter to every stranger that have graced this blog with their presence. This is for you!!!

Dear Stranger,

    Ok. This is the first time I'm writing an open letter to you. Let's hope I make it past four lines. Currently, I'm seated on my bed, surrounded by rumpled piles of clothes, with my laptop playing the song ‘nobody’s perfect’ by Jessie J. The time is 9.57pm, which only means nightsville. We may not know each other, but you came across this and this must mean something. And if you are reading this, you must be alive. So congratulations, I mean what more can you ask for?

Even though we haven't met, I’d be willing to bet that there are things in your life you aren't happy with.  You're not alone.  We all have things we'd like to do over or change or try again or maybe even try a first time.  Hang in there! I'd also be willing to bet that there are some amazing things in your life.  Maybe some wonderful people?  Maybe you love your job or where you live?  Hang on to and focus on those things, whatever they might be! 

I remember when I was young and my mom always told me never to talk to you, even if you offered me candy. The news told me not to trust you–that you will kidnap, rape, rob, or kill me given half the chance. But that was then, now I’m matured to know if you are scary or good. I know you’re just like me, trying to make your world turn as best as you can. I know you have dreams and ideas just like me. You might even have some insight to share that will make my life better. Maybe you know my future partner. Maybe you know the solution to something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long while. Who can tell?

You see stranger, I have seen many things in my life, and something’s are yet to come by me.  I negate the very wisdom that my peers so heavily believe I have.  You see stranger, my dream is to enlighten the world, so I seek all there is to understand that I may be able lift even the lowest of spirits into the highest of places.  What better a day than this to begin, and who better to begin with than you?  I bid you stranger; open your heart to me as I am a young woman with a dream, a dream that I hope would one day change the lives of strangers across the world.  But how can I do such a thing?  I have been asked how and why I do something’s, but I’ve never been asked who I am. 

Do you want to know who I am stranger?

I am a writer. What does this mean to you? I can only hope that someday it would mean everything you could ever desire it to mean.  As I have said too many times I don’t know you, but through this writing I pray that you would know me.  Why?  It is such a lonely world, not just out there, but everywhere.  You see stranger the only difference between my world, and your world is the way we perceive things, and the perspective we take. Your perception of me I may never know, but I perceive you as just a stranger.  If I told you that you may know me more than even those who know my face, would you believe me? 

 Do you still wonder who I am?  

I am a poet. What does this mean to you? I can only imagine that it would mean a renewed spirit for you.  I have never talked to you before stranger but I love you.  Yes stranger I love you.  I don’t know you, nor do I know what impacts you have made or haven’t made, but you make a difference.  To me stranger you are everything I could ever hope for or dream for.  You reading this very sentence is what I live for.  What do you live for stranger?  Do you live to make a difference?  If so be proud, for you are making a difference right now at this very moment, and you have placed a smile on my face.

Live, laugh & love,


Setting – Jerusalem
A roman centurion’s family

Diana – mother and follower of Jesus
Marcus – father – centurion – pleasant but stern
Chester – son about 9 years old
Lara – daughter – about 11 years old
Rufus – family dog – yappy and happy
Judith – neighbor and friend of Diana – a bit dippy and excitable2

Setting  : The morning before the last supper.
Lighting Early morning -  birds singing, people cheering and shouting hosanna. Diana leaning on fence looking around as the  dawn breaks, the sounds of the birds fading away .

Diana: ‘Oh I love this time of day so much. The garden is so beautiful and all the flowers are opening up to look at the sun. I can hear the birds waking up. What a wonderful world God has created for us. Marcus and the children will be up and about soon – and then it won’t be quite so peaceful! (Laughs)’ Lara enters.

Lara: ‘Mum – I thought I would find you in the garden?’ (Rufus jumps up and barks) No
‘Rufus you can’t go outside. Remember last time you escaped you went to play with the pigs in the pigsty. (Rufus barks again happily) Yes I am sure you liked it – but I had to wash you 5 times before you stopped smelling. (Rufus whines sadly). You are not going out again – now go inside and wake up my lazy brother. (Rufus yelps happily and dashes off barking) (Diana and daughter laughs. The dog barking and yelping. The young boy being woken up.)

Chester: (Enters with dog jumping happily around him) It’s not fair – why do I have to get up so  early. I don’t have to go to lessons for at least another hour! Is breakfast ready yet?’

Diana: Don’t be so grumpy Chester – come and praise with us. God has given us a new day.

Judith: Enters excitedly Diana, Diana, come quickly, can’t you hear it? It’s Jesus; he is coming into Jerusalem. People are lining the street to welcome and praise Him. Come on – or we will miss it. 

Diana: Jesus is here, coming to Jerusalem? I can’t believe it. (To children) Go back inside you two. Tell daddy I will be back soon. Come on Judith let’s go! Runs off. Dog barks after her.

(Sound of cheering, Hosanna, Hail the King Marcus enters, looks around. Diana enters –palm leaves in her hair)

Marcus: (Waiting at gate – annoyed) ‘Where on earth have you been? The children came in and told me that you had run off to see that teacher man again - Jesus. I simply cannot understand what has got into you lately. This man is filling your head full of nonsense. Take it from me – no good will come of this!

Diana: Marcus, just listen to me please.  You must understand that He is the Son of God.  I have seen what He can do – and I know what he has done for me. Why can’t you see it? He is the King – sent by God to 
save his people.

Marcus: But he is a Jew!  What good are Jewish gods and kings to us – we are Romans we have our own emperor and our own gods.  We are great and powerful people we don’t need this man Jesus.

Diana: Oh but Marcus we do - if you would only just come and listen to him Marcus. Hear his 3words and watch him heal people.

Marcus: Well I think its nonsense – and I don’t want you filling the children’s heads with any of your silly ideas. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Now – I am on duty – Pilate is calling a meeting of his guard this morning and I dare not be late. (exit – sound door slamming).

Diana: (Very sad – sings short chorus. Judith enters very exited)

Judith: Oh Diana I can’t believe it, I am all of dither, I, I, I, I must cook the room and then I’ll have to clean the bread and I mustn’t forget to sweep the wine and, and, and ..

Diana: What are you talking about Judith? Is something wrong? Look, start again slowly.

Judith: Yes I think I will, that’s right, start again, yes!  (Takes a big breath) Well, my husband went out to the well to get some water; you know the, one near the big fig tree.

Diana: Yes – go on!

Judith: And two of Jesus disciples, Peter and John it was, came right up to him – and told him Jesus and the disciples are coming to our house to eat the Passover meal! Lots of them – what am I going to do?

Diana: I will just have to help you and that’s that! Come on – let’s get started – before you decide to sweep me up and put Rufus in the oven.


Setting:  The last supper
All the disciples – maybe Judas a little apart – all seem to be looking down towards a source of light at their feet. This is Jesus washing their feet!! Jesus speaking to  his disciples.

Jesus: I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins.  For I tell you now that I won’t eat this meal again until its meaning is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.
(Facing Peter)
Peter, let me tell you something. Before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me. (the disciples began to murmur)

Peter:  (paces about slowly and angrily . Lara Chester and Rufus enter unseen by Peter) How could Jesus think one of us would betray him? And me – deny him – never !! (Starts to cry)

Rufus: (Growls at Peter)

Chester: (Whispers!) Ssshhh Rufus! Look it’s one of those disciple blokes. I wonder where mum is. I’m starving!

Lara: Oh I see him! I think he has been crying – can’t you ever stop thinking about food?

Chester: Well ask him where mum is then – I’m not asking him. What a baby!

Lara: OK!  Excuse me sir – um – we are looking for mother – she is here with Judith her friend, Have you seen her? 

Peter: (Wipes his eyes) I think so, was she one of the ladies who cooked the food? I think she has gone home my dear.

Lara: Are you all right Sir? Are you hurt?

Peter: No my dear – just very, very sad.

Rufus: (Whines)

Chester:  Oh don’t be sad. Why don’t you eat some more food? Anything, bread, cakes! – Never fails to cheer me up. Anyway why are you crying – it’s a bit soppy isn’t it?

Peter:  Yes young man it is – but a very dear friend has just told me he is going away and I am not sure if I will ever see him again.

Lara: But you have lots of friend’s sir – I saw them leaving. Surely you won’t miss one of them

Peter : But none like this man little one. He is so special, heals people who are ill, feeds the hungry – do you know he even saved me from drowning once.– And now he tells me that I will soon turn my back on him. He says I will deny that I even know him – before tomorrow morning.

Chester: Did you say feeds the hungry – I like the sound of that!

Lara: Chester – he is talking about mum’s friend – you know Jesus. We had better get home quickly and tell mum what’s happening. (Children exit) Rufus (Follows barking happily)

Setting:  Pilate’s palace

 (Sounds of marching heard. Marcus standing on guard  - marching fading out)

Diana: (Enters – quietly) Marcus!

Marcus: (Stays at attention)

Diana: (Approaches) Marcus! It’s me, Diana!

Marcus: What are you doing here Diana? Come over here! Quickly, before anyone sees you!

Diana: I am so worried Marcus. I just had to come and see you.

Marcus: Why? What on earth has happened? Are the children ill, have they had an accident?

Diana: No they are fine, they are at their lessons. I have come because everyone is saying that Jesus has been taken prisoner. I simply must find out what is happening. Surely it’s a mistake. Is he here?

Marcus: Yes – he will appear before Pilate soon – you can’t stay here it is not safe. You must go home. Even Jesus friends have turned against him.

Diana: What!  Even his closest disciples – where are Peter, John and the others?

Marcus: If you must know they have left him. Some friends they are! Gone – run away. One of them showed us where he was – and one of the others even pretended they didn’t know him.

Diana: Marcus you must stop this, speak to Pilate, do something.

Marcus: Diana – his own friends told lies to the priests! When they asked him if he was the Messiah he said ‘I am, and you will see me the Son of God, sitting at Gods right hand in the place of power and coming back in the clouds of heaven’ I remember it exactly. He said it quietly and clearly – just standing there.

Diana: But that is the truth!

Marcus: Well – the priests and the people went mad after that– they spit at him, ripped his clothes and accused Him of blasphemy. Now they are bringing him here for Pilate to pass sentence. Quickly you must go – Pilate is coming. You can’t be found here. (Diana exits)

Pilate: (Appears holding purple robe and crown of thorns) what should I do with this man that you call King of the Jews?

Crowd: Crucify him

Pilate: He is not guilty of any crime. But I can release you one prisoner at Passover. So if you want me to I’ll release this King of the Jews.

Crowd: No not this man! Crucify him

Pilate: (Exits. Sound of whipping and shouting being heard)

Setting:  Dark
Flashes of light. Thunder roaring.

Marcus: Stands – head bowed

Diana: Stands weeping throughout

Marcus: Truly this was the Son of God!’

Setting:  Garden of house – three days later

Lara: Dad, mum is so sad. It’s three days since, since, you know since they killed her friend. Do you think she will ever smile again

Marcus: I don’t know Lara. But it was terrible (shakes his head) to do that to a man who had done nothing wrong.  I have talked to his friends – even the ones who accused him had to tell lies to get him condemned. Even Pilate washed his hands after he passed sentence – he could find no fault with him.

Lara: Dad, who do you think he really was? (Chester enters)

Chester: Yes Dad – who was he really? You must know

Marcus: Come here and listen carefully. You know that me and mum have had lots of arguments about 
following Jesus.

Chester: Tell me about it!

Marcus: Well – now I am starting to believe that Jesus is the Son of God. When I saw him die –I saw something in him……

Lara: But dad – he was killed – what’s the point? If he was Gods Son – why couldn’t he stay alive and help us?

Marcus:  I don’t know Lara! But I feel sure that it was something he had to do.

Judith: Diana, Marcus. You must listen! I must tell you! Oh it’s amazing!  Now we know it all.  He has told us everything! ( Rufus rushes in getting exited and barking)

Lara: Judith – please calm down and start from the beginning.

Marcus: Yes Judith – pull yourself together – and Rufus – SIT! (Rufus obeys)

Judith: Oh yes! Of course I must tell you everything

Diana: Go on

Judith: Well after, you know, what happened on Friday. Some of the women went to visit Jesus’s tomb.

Chester: What – that’s just gross!

Marcus: Quiet Chester – and listen!

Judith: Oh no Chester – it’s quite alright they were taking some spices they had prepared …err ….. for the err … smell you know

Chester: Yuk!

Judith: Yes, yes – but – the tomb was empty!

All:  What?

Judith: Empty! The big stone at the entrance was rolled away – and Jesus was gone!

Marcus: Judith, are you feeling quite well. Are you sure this is not another of your silly dreams? Shall we go and fetch your husband?

Chester: (to Lara) I’ll go and get him! I think she has finally gone quite mad. She has always been a bit potty if you ask me. Come on Rufus! (sneaks off)

Judith: No! No! Just listen for a minute. Mary, you know her Diana She’s James mother, and Mary Magdalene and Joanna went to the tomb and it was empty.

Diana: Yes you told us that

Judith: But – they met two men there in gleaming clothes

Marcus: You mean guards?

Judith:  No like, like angels they said. And these men said a strange thing. They said ‘Jesus is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’…Well?

Diana: That’s exactly what Jesus said! I understand now – Marcus, Judith– he had to die and it’s going to be all right. He will come back for us

Chester: (Enters) I couldn’t find her husband – but that other chap was there - you know – the soppy one who was crying before. He’s right behind me. (Peter enters)

Peter: I have seen Jesus! I have spoken with him!

Chester: Oh no – not another mad person!

Marcus: Peter – are you sure he was alive?

Peter:  Marcus – He is. I saw him with my eyes, Thomas even touched his hands and I ate with him. After I had deserted him, denied that I did not know him and did nothing to help him – can you imagine what he said to me?

Chester: I know what I would have said to you!

Peter: He told me that he died for me.

Chester: Wow – after you had been so mean to him?

Peter: Not just me – but for the whole world – sinners everywhere. He walked and talked with sinners while he was on earth – and went to the cross for their sins. Now Marcus, Chester, Diana – what can we do but believe and praise him.



So it’s Good Friday and everyone is having some Easter break except me, not that it matters anyway after all I am far away from home but just knowing that this is a remembrance of how Christ came to die for me is enough to keep me through the celebration. I haven’t slept since 6pm yesterday and that makes it 24 hours since I had a good night sleep but thank God it’s Friday, which means I can sleep all morning tomorrow. My thoughts might be a little bit off today as a result of deprived sleep, I need to really keep my priority straight when it comes to that, even the president of a country gets enough sleep.

Well I’m not here to rant about my sleep deprived self but rather to talk about someone so dear to me-My Sister. I am dedicating my 100th blog-post to my sister and best friend.

Meet my beautiful little sister, Temitope. She is my very best friend and one of the coolest chicks I know. I tell her everything and I totally trust her opinion. I know she’ll always tell me the truth. I can always turn to her – and she knows I’m always here for her.

Here is why I love my sis:

She takes my things without asking, she’s overly sarcastic sometimes, and she is the funniest person I know. Even though she has her flaws, like any other normal person does, she still inspires me; I don’t think she knows how much I look up to her, but I do. That is very funny considering the fact that I am older but she knows how to give the best hand when I need someone.

My baby sister is all grown up now, these next few months she will be 23 and I 25. We used to love this, this feeling that we were almost twins. She has always been taller ad bigger than me, or so it has seemed. Others often thought her the eldest. This used to really bug me :)

We aren't sisters that look alike. Some say we do, but I hardly think so. She’s got my mother’s face and charisma. Getting used to people is never a chore for her. I got the introvert part of me from my Father. I get all shy when meeting people and I tend to be quiet among strangers. We are both very competitive when it comes to one another. Not sure why this is, at times it’s almost as if we enjoy the challenge. Almost.

I remember feeling like I had to protect her, her first day of boarding school I rushed to her side to comfort her if she broke down crying yet she marched into the dormitories with her  box  been dragged with one  hand and I realize she didn't really need me. She was strong. I can’t help but look at her and still see that same little girl. The one that bragged about how she wanted to be an actress, the little witty girl acting out her masterpieces in our bedroom, giving our dogs cute names and always insisting she makes me her special spaghetti recipe. I love her to pieces!

I treasure my sister so much and hate that we live so far apart. I’m so lucky to be her big sis! She will always be in my life. I am blessed to have her.


One man's bad day can be another man's good day.

Some days are really bad days, in fact bad day’s sometime turn into bad weeks and even bad months. You know it’s funny – An old thought says that things in life are all relative to the person going through the event or situation. And it is so true; there are some things in life that affect each of us in different ways. But I have to tell you, there are some things that seem so small and trivial to some, but may be of an unremitting magnitude to someone else.

But sometimes you really do need to step back, or have an out of body experience, and really evaluate what is upsetting you or bothering you at that very moment. I know when I feel blue, or get down in the mouth about something, I really have to pick myself up by the boot straps and reevaluate what is important.

You think you’ve got it bad? Well how about this:

 Stephanie discovered that she had a malignant tumor with a 15% chance of survival. Surprisingly she has worked hard to stay healthy all her life, never smoked or drank in your life and the doctor said it was a rare condition. She had to bare the pain of telling her ten year old son that he would be an orphan anytime soon. She was emotionally disfigured, but she decided she would make the best of a horrible, horrible situation. And she did just that. She spends every moment being the best mother she can be, and probably the most positive, happy human being I have ever seen.  She was always smiled, and cheered with such compassion; you could tell that her every move and action was genuinely sincere.

If there is nothing else in the world, I hope that one day everyone can be as kind and sincere as Stephanie. To share the world and this little place we call earth with a few more smiles and a lot less anger and malice.

So when you are feeling down, or your feelings are hurt, or you don’t feel well and you just want that stomach bug to go away so you can get back to normal, think about some of the pain and anguish that Stephanie must have gone through knowing she can never gain “normalcy” back in her life again.

And as far as things getting back to normal, what if you had something so tragic in your life happen that you will never be back to “normal,” so to speak, but you won’t go down without a fight? That is the inspiration and footprint that Gabrielle “Gabby” Gifford has left on my heart. With the tragedy that she endured, and the fact that she is even alive, let alone able to sit upright, speak, write and progressively gaining full function of all motor skills, is a miracle in itself.

A few months ago, I watched an interview with her and her husband, and even though at that point her thoughts and vocabulary were extremely limited, just the smile on her sweet face, the love and commitment her husband had for her, and her will to fight and bring normalcy back into her life was a true turning point in my life.

As I have said before, I am only human, I am not numb to the outside world; there are goings on that occur that hurt my feelings, or things happen that may not go exactly as I planned, but when I find myself getting too wrapped up in the petty stuff of daily life, I make myself step back and look at the big picture.

I am happy, healthy, I have great friends, a loving family and I have a beautiful future to look forward to. My freedom is a gift that I will never take for granted, and I thank God every single day; and I have never been giving a speech, where I was shot in the head and wasn’t sure I was going to survive; and now fighting to bring my life back to some semblance of what it used to be. For the most part I live a fairly simple life, my contribution to the world might be diminutive, but I love every minute of it, and I try to not allow myself to get too tangled up in or upset by “sweating the small stuff.”

So no matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

Bleeding heart

Someone said love is nothing but war
Deep within I agree to none but all
Dim is the candle of love
Dark as the cloud up above

The Enemy comes with no sign of hate
Hiding deceit to draw you to her gate
Like a blind hawk you soar to your end
Living you with no amend

Give no ears for she carries a sword
though like gold it cuts like a saw
take heed so as not to fall
Coz the end may taste like a gall

Unstructured gloom

The weather seems to be mimicking how I am feeling right now. Let’s just say this sadness has nothing and everything to do with finding out about (name) hiding stuffs from me. Whew! A gal just cannot get a break around here!

It’s not that what happened is a big deal. Trust me, it’s not. If you can read my mind right now regarding him, you would say it was just some girly crush turned to infatuation which then resulted to dismay, turmoil, frustration, aggravation, pain, over-dramatism.! (Well, I have not started yet…however, never too late right?)
Don’t worry, I won’t curse or anything. I do not want to send you negative vibes (although, I have plenty to share.) Sigh.

Forgive me. I’m just stinging from the disappointment I have experienced. I was so looking forward for the thrills and frills of romance. Hah! Guess that’s not in the books anymore, huh? Or at least, not for now…

I dunno. Whatever.

It sucks. I just feel really sad and disappointed…

Where is the Past?

Screaming sounds across the sky, silent as a buzzing bee fly
Chanting rhymes I used to know, reminding me of long ago
When my smile was worth a while,as I walked along the Nile
Spring is come everyone says, but all I see is winter's face
Where lives the trees amidst this freeze?
Where is the ass eating green grass?
Where is the past I cried at last
That place where I found embrace


Today is one of those days. I actually am not sure how I managed to stay appearing happy on the outside, because underneath I am an emotional wreck. I’m not going to write about what happened because I’m not in the mood.

The past week has been a really weird one for me - quite a lot happened in this period. A lot of things that probably shouldn't have happened, but that I hoped might just strengthen a friendship.  Sadly, it seems to have been the reverse, and I have spent the whole day, I guess in some sort of denial.

And now it has truly hit . . . and it kills.

At one point today, I had to actually leave the room purely because it was hurting too damn much, having a quick cry in the bathroom seemed like a far preferable option. I am so unbelievably sick of everything being on someone else's terms. I give up. I just can't do it anymore. I am sad and angry. I am frustrated and feeling pessimistic. I am carrying this pain around that I did not create. The world seems dark and unfriendly.

So I'm crying instead.

Just sharing this has my heart pounding, my face is flushed, and my nerves are on edge and raw.  So many thoughts are racing inside my head. I wish there was a way for me to calm myself completely and be optimistic.

 My mother taught me to always be strong and positive, not letting anything or anyone get in the way of my happiness. She taught me never to allow emotions get in the way of my thinking, I forgot that. I let my guard down straying away from everything she taught me, forgetting how to be a strong woman.

Tell me, please, how do I get myself out of this? What do YOU do when you just want to cry? Other than, obviously, cry!!!

A twist in a fairy Tale

One day her wish was fulfilled and the Queen and King named her Snow White. The Queen died when she got into a chariot pileup, and soon her husband remarried. He remarried a beautiful pheasant woman. Soon after she became queen, she could not stand nor bear the thought of a soul being more beautiful than she. She grew jealous of her step-daughter and demanded that the fisherman drown Snow White. The king was aware of the conspiracy, so he followed the fisherman without being noticed. He jumped him and paid him off with a goat and two chickens. The fisherman took one of Snow White’s shoes and dipped it in the water as proof of her drowning. The King then took his daughter, and went looking in the forest till he found a cottage. He asked her to hide in the house and went back to the castle.

Walking through the larger doorway Snow White saw a strange sight. For this was no ordinary cottage. From outside the cottage seemed to be two levels… but as she looked up she saw a high ceiling. Then she saw seven giant beds and humongous furniture throughout the house. Snow White was so very tired and climbed up the edge of one of the sheets that barely touched the floor so she could get to the top to sleep on one of the beds. The Seven Giants came home and said there is an odd smell. Snow White being so tired did not awaken to their stomping around. The Green Giant saw her on the Blue Giant’s bed. She barely took up half the bed! The Giants argued as to who would wake her up, however she awoke to the low rumble of the whispering voices. She told them her story, and upon hearing it they warned her that the Queen might find out the truth, and come after her again. So, they warned her that in their absence she should not let anybody in.

Back at the castle after a few days the Queen was invited to a party so she checked with her mirror, asking her favorite question: “Mirror Mirror that I hold, who is the fairest of them all!?”. The mirror replied “You try so hard yet to no avail, Snow White is still the fairest of them all.” Upon the Queen leaving in a fury the mirror told the King of what has happened. The King realized the Queen would try to finish what she started, so he warned the seven Giants of the danger to come. Just before going to work the seven Giants asked their Chief, who seemed to enjoy plants and their capabilities (no one liked being around during his experiments, to guard her. Just as they thought, the Queen came pretending to be a poor lady asking for a handout. When Snow White opened the door the lady sprayed something in the girl’s face. The Giant’s Chief realized it was a poisonous gas, and was able to save the girl. Also, he was able to toss some of the herbs he was mixing together on the Queen without her knowing. The Queen went back to her castle feeling so good thinking that she killed Snow White.

She was happy for many days until there was another occasion. For which she prepared herself, and asked her mirror, “Mirror mirror that I hold . . . WHO is the fairest of them all?” The Mirror stayed silent… and the Queen shook the mirror smacking it on the back muttering about getting a warranty next time. The mirror sparked to life and replied, “Do you not get tired of our endless game, Snow White is and always will be the fairest of them all…” The Queen screamed and yelled, “That is impossible you stupid piece of glass! For I have killed that horrendous beast with my own two hands!” The Mirror replied, “If she were so horrendous we would not be here, by the way your majesty you should look at your face, and tell ME who is the fairest in this land?!” The Queen looked in the mirror, and when she saw her deformed face she slammed the mirror to the ground and watched it shatter to pieces. She forgot that upon doing this that the magic of the mirror would no longer be under her control. A reddish blue mist swirled and lifted towards the Queen. The steaming mad Queen proclaimed that she will get rid of Snow White once and for all, not at all paying attention to the mist gathering around her shoulders and slowly devouring her feet!

The self involved Queen felt herself growing heavy as she aged faster than logic can explain… she caught a fleeting glimpse of herself withering away in a glass vase holding red roses now turning black. She screamed as what distinguished beauty she had turned to stone and shattered like her delusions. The King came in as he saw what had happened. Not quite understanding what had happened he asked no questions. The shadow of the once beautiful Queen and imprisoned her. He sent one of his loyal guards to go and bring Snow White back and request that the Giants come with her as well. They were proclaimed, upon their acceptance of course, to be her Royal Giant Guards.

After some years passed Snow White married a Prince and her father stepped down from the thrown and bestowed upon her the title of Queen. He then brought her evil step-mother to be her maid under watch, with another maid helping her. Low and behold that was the step mother of Cinderella. Then Cinderella came to be a good friend of Snow White and they hit it off singing karaoke. Snow White and her husband and Cinderella with her Prince lived happily ever after, and the two step mothers lived miserably ever after dancing the Macarena for Snow White and her friend as entertainment!