So it’s Good Friday and everyone is having some Easter break except me, not that it matters anyway after all I am far away from home but just knowing that this is a remembrance of how Christ came to die for me is enough to keep me through the celebration. I haven’t slept since 6pm yesterday and that makes it 24 hours since I had a good night sleep but thank God it’s Friday, which means I can sleep all morning tomorrow. My thoughts might be a little bit off today as a result of deprived sleep, I need to really keep my priority straight when it comes to that, even the president of a country gets enough sleep.

Well I’m not here to rant about my sleep deprived self but rather to talk about someone so dear to me-My Sister. I am dedicating my 100th blog-post to my sister and best friend.

Meet my beautiful little sister, Temitope. She is my very best friend and one of the coolest chicks I know. I tell her everything and I totally trust her opinion. I know she’ll always tell me the truth. I can always turn to her – and she knows I’m always here for her.

Here is why I love my sis:

She takes my things without asking, she’s overly sarcastic sometimes, and she is the funniest person I know. Even though she has her flaws, like any other normal person does, she still inspires me; I don’t think she knows how much I look up to her, but I do. That is very funny considering the fact that I am older but she knows how to give the best hand when I need someone.

My baby sister is all grown up now, these next few months she will be 23 and I 25. We used to love this, this feeling that we were almost twins. She has always been taller ad bigger than me, or so it has seemed. Others often thought her the eldest. This used to really bug me :)

We aren't sisters that look alike. Some say we do, but I hardly think so. She’s got my mother’s face and charisma. Getting used to people is never a chore for her. I got the introvert part of me from my Father. I get all shy when meeting people and I tend to be quiet among strangers. We are both very competitive when it comes to one another. Not sure why this is, at times it’s almost as if we enjoy the challenge. Almost.

I remember feeling like I had to protect her, her first day of boarding school I rushed to her side to comfort her if she broke down crying yet she marched into the dormitories with her  box  been dragged with one  hand and I realize she didn't really need me. She was strong. I can’t help but look at her and still see that same little girl. The one that bragged about how she wanted to be an actress, the little witty girl acting out her masterpieces in our bedroom, giving our dogs cute names and always insisting she makes me her special spaghetti recipe. I love her to pieces!

I treasure my sister so much and hate that we live so far apart. I’m so lucky to be her big sis! She will always be in my life. I am blessed to have her.


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wismopow said...

U r a down-to-earth freelance writer! Its enjoyable reading ur piece esp when it concerns the thing of the heart and personal experience. It's like a window to ur personality is opened. Thumbs up

Dekky said...

Thanks Kenny, I really appreciate it. How are you? My regards to Tee.

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