My Unstructured Letter to You.

I woke up this morning, only to find out that someone anonymously sent me a top up credit for my phone, at that moment I realized that even though I don't know the person, he/she succeeded in putting a smile on my face. Well, that prompted me to think about all the strangers that visit my blog everyday, all those people I may never get to meet in life, but yet they find their way to this very page. Today I'm writing an open letter to every stranger that have graced this blog with their presence. This is for you!!!

Dear Stranger,

    Ok. This is the first time I'm writing an open letter to you. Let's hope I make it past four lines. Currently, I'm seated on my bed, surrounded by rumpled piles of clothes, with my laptop playing the song ‘nobody’s perfect’ by Jessie J. The time is 9.57pm, which only means nightsville. We may not know each other, but you came across this and this must mean something. And if you are reading this, you must be alive. So congratulations, I mean what more can you ask for?

Even though we haven't met, I’d be willing to bet that there are things in your life you aren't happy with.  You're not alone.  We all have things we'd like to do over or change or try again or maybe even try a first time.  Hang in there! I'd also be willing to bet that there are some amazing things in your life.  Maybe some wonderful people?  Maybe you love your job or where you live?  Hang on to and focus on those things, whatever they might be! 

I remember when I was young and my mom always told me never to talk to you, even if you offered me candy. The news told me not to trust you–that you will kidnap, rape, rob, or kill me given half the chance. But that was then, now I’m matured to know if you are scary or good. I know you’re just like me, trying to make your world turn as best as you can. I know you have dreams and ideas just like me. You might even have some insight to share that will make my life better. Maybe you know my future partner. Maybe you know the solution to something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long while. Who can tell?

You see stranger, I have seen many things in my life, and something’s are yet to come by me.  I negate the very wisdom that my peers so heavily believe I have.  You see stranger, my dream is to enlighten the world, so I seek all there is to understand that I may be able lift even the lowest of spirits into the highest of places.  What better a day than this to begin, and who better to begin with than you?  I bid you stranger; open your heart to me as I am a young woman with a dream, a dream that I hope would one day change the lives of strangers across the world.  But how can I do such a thing?  I have been asked how and why I do something’s, but I’ve never been asked who I am. 

Do you want to know who I am stranger?

I am a writer. What does this mean to you? I can only hope that someday it would mean everything you could ever desire it to mean.  As I have said too many times I don’t know you, but through this writing I pray that you would know me.  Why?  It is such a lonely world, not just out there, but everywhere.  You see stranger the only difference between my world, and your world is the way we perceive things, and the perspective we take. Your perception of me I may never know, but I perceive you as just a stranger.  If I told you that you may know me more than even those who know my face, would you believe me? 

 Do you still wonder who I am?  

I am a poet. What does this mean to you? I can only imagine that it would mean a renewed spirit for you.  I have never talked to you before stranger but I love you.  Yes stranger I love you.  I don’t know you, nor do I know what impacts you have made or haven’t made, but you make a difference.  To me stranger you are everything I could ever hope for or dream for.  You reading this very sentence is what I live for.  What do you live for stranger?  Do you live to make a difference?  If so be proud, for you are making a difference right now at this very moment, and you have placed a smile on my face.

Live, laugh & love,

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