A twist in a fairy Tale

One day her wish was fulfilled and the Queen and King named her Snow White. The Queen died when she got into a chariot pileup, and soon her husband remarried. He remarried a beautiful pheasant woman. Soon after she became queen, she could not stand nor bear the thought of a soul being more beautiful than she. She grew jealous of her step-daughter and demanded that the fisherman drown Snow White. The king was aware of the conspiracy, so he followed the fisherman without being noticed. He jumped him and paid him off with a goat and two chickens. The fisherman took one of Snow White’s shoes and dipped it in the water as proof of her drowning. The King then took his daughter, and went looking in the forest till he found a cottage. He asked her to hide in the house and went back to the castle.

Walking through the larger doorway Snow White saw a strange sight. For this was no ordinary cottage. From outside the cottage seemed to be two levels… but as she looked up she saw a high ceiling. Then she saw seven giant beds and humongous furniture throughout the house. Snow White was so very tired and climbed up the edge of one of the sheets that barely touched the floor so she could get to the top to sleep on one of the beds. The Seven Giants came home and said there is an odd smell. Snow White being so tired did not awaken to their stomping around. The Green Giant saw her on the Blue Giant’s bed. She barely took up half the bed! The Giants argued as to who would wake her up, however she awoke to the low rumble of the whispering voices. She told them her story, and upon hearing it they warned her that the Queen might find out the truth, and come after her again. So, they warned her that in their absence she should not let anybody in.

Back at the castle after a few days the Queen was invited to a party so she checked with her mirror, asking her favorite question: “Mirror Mirror that I hold, who is the fairest of them all!?”. The mirror replied “You try so hard yet to no avail, Snow White is still the fairest of them all.” Upon the Queen leaving in a fury the mirror told the King of what has happened. The King realized the Queen would try to finish what she started, so he warned the seven Giants of the danger to come. Just before going to work the seven Giants asked their Chief, who seemed to enjoy plants and their capabilities (no one liked being around during his experiments, to guard her. Just as they thought, the Queen came pretending to be a poor lady asking for a handout. When Snow White opened the door the lady sprayed something in the girl’s face. The Giant’s Chief realized it was a poisonous gas, and was able to save the girl. Also, he was able to toss some of the herbs he was mixing together on the Queen without her knowing. The Queen went back to her castle feeling so good thinking that she killed Snow White.

She was happy for many days until there was another occasion. For which she prepared herself, and asked her mirror, “Mirror mirror that I hold . . . WHO is the fairest of them all?” The Mirror stayed silent… and the Queen shook the mirror smacking it on the back muttering about getting a warranty next time. The mirror sparked to life and replied, “Do you not get tired of our endless game, Snow White is and always will be the fairest of them all…” The Queen screamed and yelled, “That is impossible you stupid piece of glass! For I have killed that horrendous beast with my own two hands!” The Mirror replied, “If she were so horrendous we would not be here, by the way your majesty you should look at your face, and tell ME who is the fairest in this land?!” The Queen looked in the mirror, and when she saw her deformed face she slammed the mirror to the ground and watched it shatter to pieces. She forgot that upon doing this that the magic of the mirror would no longer be under her control. A reddish blue mist swirled and lifted towards the Queen. The steaming mad Queen proclaimed that she will get rid of Snow White once and for all, not at all paying attention to the mist gathering around her shoulders and slowly devouring her feet!

The self involved Queen felt herself growing heavy as she aged faster than logic can explain… she caught a fleeting glimpse of herself withering away in a glass vase holding red roses now turning black. She screamed as what distinguished beauty she had turned to stone and shattered like her delusions. The King came in as he saw what had happened. Not quite understanding what had happened he asked no questions. The shadow of the once beautiful Queen and imprisoned her. He sent one of his loyal guards to go and bring Snow White back and request that the Giants come with her as well. They were proclaimed, upon their acceptance of course, to be her Royal Giant Guards.

After some years passed Snow White married a Prince and her father stepped down from the thrown and bestowed upon her the title of Queen. He then brought her evil step-mother to be her maid under watch, with another maid helping her. Low and behold that was the step mother of Cinderella. Then Cinderella came to be a good friend of Snow White and they hit it off singing karaoke. Snow White and her husband and Cinderella with her Prince lived happily ever after, and the two step mothers lived miserably ever after dancing the Macarena for Snow White and her friend as entertainment!

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Calvin Klein Perfumes said...

There is an upcoming movie called "Mirror, Mirror' which stars Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. But it got a lot of negative reviews though.

Dekky said...

Yeah I heard of it, it was released two days ago. I plan to watch it though.

phoeddy said...

i like the part snow white's step-mum and Cinderella's mum met @ the end, btw two wrongs can cause a very big disaster. Snow white and Cinderella be careful while u enjoy the fun, just an advice from a friend.

Dekky said...

lol...very true...:)

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