What If?

What if there was no day?
Would we ever find our shadow?
Would we ever smile at the sun?
Would there ever be tomorrow?

What if there was no love?
Would people kill just to smile?
Would war find a home in this world?
Would we feel alive at all?

What if only the rich had wealth?
Would the poor ever survive?
Would the homeless ever go home?
Would the world be filled with greed?

What if envy was a good thing?
Would we hurt when someone has it all?
Would foes all be friends?
Would gossip ever exist?

What if I was like you?
Would we ever get along?
Would everyone trust me?
Would there be joy in this world?

What if all I write comes true?
Would I be considered a fool?
Would we ever live through it?
Would the world have a loud silence?

What if?

5 Thoughts:

Nefezycorp Media said...

What if no one tolerates his/her neighbor/friend
Would there be any long lasting relationship?

Funom Theophilus Makama said...

Simply beautiful....

What if you wrote this poem without such passion,
would it ever make sense like this?

As for this one, answer dey which is NO!
Nice work "a"GC......

Dekky said...

LOl...Thanks guys..:)

@makama...lol if I catch you...you know na?

phoeddy said...

nice one sisto!
What if there was no Education?
would we be in Africa or Somalia?
yea right!

Dekky said...

Lol...Thanks dear, it's from your Inspiration :))

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