Spoken Words Poetry: Twenty Twelve Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Twelve will soon be history
It was themed our year of victory
Now let’s see behind the scene of yesterday
Who was in control of our everyday?
Did you make those same resolutions?
Only to live in their full delusions
Or did you surrender your plans to Jesus
Knowing he is greater than a genius
You might think your year was a success
But success without Christ is nothing but distress
You should ask yourself this question
Was your year a mere obsession?
Or was it full of Fulfilments
Coupled with God given achievements
Was your life a testimony
Or was it just a phony
Look back at all your  ups and downs
Was God truly your solid ground
As we take a step into a new year
Let’s serve the lord with all good cheer

Twenty Thirteen will come in like an eagle
Are you prepared to let go of your ego
And all the things that pulled you off your purpose
Given Christ the room to help you focus
Not only on what  you think is important
But on what the bible says in accordant
Twenty thirteen  is a year to get on our knees
But not like the Pharisees
Who prays out in the public
So people might think he is angelic
Let’s try not to be hypocrites
But rather be God’s associate
And walk with all dignity
Standing in Christ ‘The Infinity’
“The way” , “The Truth” and “The Life”
Believe me he has taking off your strife
So don’t be deceived by the father of all lies
Who has come to steal your eternal prize
Now is the time to decide and set aside
All your pride and simply be his bride

Video: I will upload the video soon :)

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