Random Ramblings

   Yeah, it's Friday and I am happy about that I can have the whole weekend off without worrying about school or patients. Don't get me wrong I like what I do but I hate being a student, but then who doesn't? Sometimes it definitely feels unbearable but every time I remember graduation is a few months away, I smile. :) Ok enough of boring school stuff.
   I've come to realize that I'm never ever going to adapt to cold. I mean never. My friend said if hell was cold it would be like Ternopil (it was -15 on that day). I totally agree with her, it has becoming so cold that my house can be compared to a fridge :( ....Times like this make me crave for home)...'home sweet home'.  So I've been pretty lazy lately, doing only video tags, well since a got nothing to do today I decided to just write a short update about what has been happening to and around me. 
                                                             House of Parliament

   Everything that happens in my life to me is a major thing so no matter how little people see it, for me those moments just count. I got back from England a few weeks ago, it was the best two weeks vacation ever. Mainly because I saw my family but also because I was able to see new things and experience a whole new country. I find the people very friendly and calm compared to here too. 
                                                              Buckingham Palace
  My cousins were able to take me around for a while before they went back to school and then I had to go out on my own afterwards. It wasn't easy :) I kinda got lost for like 3hrs...hehehe. Silly me. I have a few pictures though, I got so caught up in the moments that I forgot to take pictures of myself :( .  
London Eye
 I had a fabulous time there. England will be seeing more of me in a few months.


   Just a few days ago I did my Nigerian tag and there was this question -what is the most ridiculous question have you been asked about your culture? Well that ridiculous question for me came today when my landlords friend asked If I had an Elephant's trunk to sell to him 0_0 ...I was speechless...I mean Speech...LESS.. 
                                                                               Big Ben
Anyways, not to write too much. I will stop here for now. I will hopefully write again soon.