BBC-Proof that Love at first Sight Exists: A ramblers Point of View.

I read this BBC NEWS titled- Proof that Love at first Sight Exists . Well as usual I got my own point of view.

   Do you believe in love at first sight? Personally, I don’t. I am not trying to say it can't happen, It could to some people but in my opinion it shouldn't happen. I wouldn't want anyone loving someone that they really didn't know, only to get their heart broken when it doesn’t work out or even more worst than just their heart being broken. I agree there can be a special attraction at first. I think people confuse that chemical attraction we feel when we first meet someone we are super attracted to as love. This doesn't mean that it cannot turn into love. I just believe that love is something that has to be built on.

   First of all, I don't think you can love somebody by just glancing at them. That’s me being practical and true.  For me, I believe to truly love someone you need to know them as a person. What they like, dislike, personality, what makes them smile or sad. You also have to like them for the little things they do, such as their habits. How can you tell all these things by looking at a person, I truly don’t get. Even if you stare at them for hours or stare deep into their gorgeous eyes for a long time, you still can’t know them that way.

  From my opinion, Love is not based on looks or what is on the outside. I absolutely believe that "Love is blind" because you need to know someone before you can even come close to loving them. What about blind people? They can't see people, so they have to get to know someone before they love them right? Because I totally think love is about getting to know the good and bad things and still liking them for those things. You simply can't judge a book by its cover. What if you love them when you first see them, then they turn into total.... jerks?  If just seeing someone instantly causes you to desire "a relationship with that person then you're probably hyper-sensitized and predisposed to feeling that way but to me I can’t say its love. Love has to be integrative and active; it's not only an emotion or thought, but it is a behavior with multiple domains (physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, etc.) interacting with each other. Something as simple as "first sight" can't explain something as complex as “Love.

  I feel that you can meet someone that you aren't attracted to but as you get to know their personality. It could be the way they make you laugh or laugh at you. Then you become friends and develop a relationship and all of a sudden they seem cuter to your eyes. Just because you like them as a person, their appearance improves. What if your one truelove or soul mate is not your type and you don't bother to look at them? Not so cool right?

  There are many more reasons why I don't believe in love at first sight, but I believe that two people can connect a few moments after meeting each other.  Lust at first sight.Yeah that definitely happens.  For some the equation is like this-
Lust =/= love.
Like =/= love.
Chemistry =/= love.
Attraction =/= love.
Intuition =/= love.

Don't cheapen the word "love" to every single reaction your body experiences.  It's a beautiful, deep feeling, sometimes heart-wrenching and it takes time to grow. I am sure there are a lot of people who believe they fell in love when they first saw someone. Best wishes to them :) .