20 Things I don’t Like

I try as much as I can not to dwell on the negatives but common, writing 2o things I don't like can never hurt :) 

1.       Snakes
2.       Nuts
3.       Ignorance
4.       Cold
5.       Lady Gaga
6.       People who don’t smile back when you smile at them
7.       Those who don’t see the importance in reading books
8.       People who are money obsessed
9.       Bullies
10.   Pretenders
11.   Halitosis
12.   Mean people
13.   Washing dishes
14.   Stubbing my toe
15.   Those who don’t take their shower or wear clean clothes
16.   People who want you to fit into the box they have created for you
17.   Eating fish with bones
18.   Revenge
19.   Long Air flights
20.   Drunks