Just another thought.

Some say life is unfair, well for me I take life as it comes. Maybe we are destined to meet hard times in life so it can make us better or maybe it's just fate punishing us for the things we did, we might never know. Either ways, two things I've learnt is never to complain too much about what life dishes me and that no matter how strong you are, when the weak times come only the giant in you can survive it.

  When I look back at my life I always smile but sometimes I wonder if I could live my life over again, what would I do differently? What would I never change? I guess I will never know. I don't regret anything presently in my life, Yes I've made mistakes but most of them made me who I am today. No matter how long you keep making mistakes, what matters is that you do not allow them define your future. You see everyone has some good in them and most times we long to share that part of us with someone who can appreciate us. Experience has taught me never to be afraid to share that with people because while you are busy protecting your feelings, someone else is feeling unloved.

  I remember in high school a friend said to me 'one day you will write and do great things', right now I find myself looking back at that very moment and it made me realize I do have a long way to go. One step at a time. You know how people have a list of things they want to do before they die, I never understood why anyone would do that but recently I found myself penning down those same things in my diary. Hmm, anyways the truth be told it's taking me forever to find 10 things I really want to do before I die. It's so obvious that things like that cannot be thought of in a day. You have to search deeply for those things that give your life meaning.

  My mum taught me that scaling through one phase of life is not an automatic victory neither is it a stop sign because after one phase a bigger test comes that will push you into letting go of everything you believe in. I
can still remember what she said 'Well, when that time comes, there is no guaranty I will be there for you but you have to realize that the key to over coming anything is not giving up. I love my Mum, I really do.

To be continued.....