Valentine Fever

   In Roman times, there was an Emperor Claudius II who was in power. He was devoted to expanding the Roman Empire and was trying to recruit more soldiers. He banned marriages because he thought that if men had no wife to leave they would be less reluctant to join the army. A priest named Valentine thought this was unfair and began marrying couples in secret. Obviously he was found out eventually and sentenced to death. He was executed on February 14th 269 AD (roughly) and that's one version of why THEY call it Valentine's day.

  I’ve never been a fan of holidays I don’t understand, don’t get me wrong I see nothing wrong with people celebrating love or something but I think Valentine is just overrated. Why have only one day to make your loved one feel special.. If they are that important they should know every day!! Every day should be filled with love and compassion for your loved ones, not just Valentine’s Day. It's all just a silly excuse for companies to make money off of couples who are basically forced by their significant other to get them something. You don't need spend money to show someone you love and care about them deeply, and if you do they are definitely worth more than a bunch of chocolates or jewelry. :)

   Some People make a big deal out of Valentine, Everywhere you go there is always someone trying to make an atmosphere of love . Like cut-out hearts everywhere and I also keep getting all this emails about Valentine and all that…Grrhhh…What about those people who have no Partners or Families? Have you ever thought of that? I was thinking to myself lately if I could spend Valentine with anyone this year it would be doing something nice for someone who has nothing or no one. I think they get more depressed and frustrated during this period. Anyways I hope they find comfort.

  To be Candid the Idea of Valentine is sweet, but the way people go about it these days seem to amaze me. I’m not Valentine-phobic, definitely not. What I don’t get is why people will treat Valentines as the Superbowl of Romance or even their Relationship.  I don't think there should be any reason why we can't do sweet things for those we love on days other than Valentine's Day. I definitely think a lot of people are leaning off celebrating this V day more than ever, or at least celebrating it in a more realistic at home and so on, and to me this is much more personal and meaningful anyway. 

  I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m also realistic and I think most of us would agree that Valentine’s Day can get very overrated.