Spoken words: Love from God’s Perspective

Hey Guys, so we had this program called a 'love filled life' and I wrote this spoken words to present with my friends, Temmy and Edima.

Love from God’s Perspective

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have the everlasting life”
-John 3:16

You see, Love is more than just a flighty emotion
It’s a pure feeling independent of nothing
I’m not here to define love according to
Encyclopedia or Wikipedia
Because God defined Love on the cross of Calvary
Having no distinction for Gender, Race or Age
He didn’t care about your money or beauty
Coz while you were yet sinners Christ died for you.
You see his love is neither limited nor demanding
But rather flawless and bedazzling
What you call love is nothing compared to his
Love is God and God is Love.

We agree that God is love and love is God.
Why then do we love some and hate some?
Why do we smile with no love in our hearts?
We get busy buying those expensive shoes
while our neighbor is right there fighting starvation
Then we go ahead and laugh at his thin shaped chest
and how he caught a Sexually transmitted Disease.
Yet we cry out, about how we love God and love men
Tricking ourselves into believing the concept of
 Loving only the givers and despising the takers.
 But you know what? God has a greater definition of love.
 It includes Me, You and that hopeless child on the street

Everyone deserves to be loved… I mean everyone
Is it that homeless man with no good shoes
And painful blisters at the sole of his feet
Or that old woman dying of a chronic disease
That keeps even her family away from her
Is it that lonely boy hoping for a true friend?
To hold his hands when all seem to be a blur.
Yet we love only those who can love us back
Who are you to decide who to hate or love?
Indeed Loving someone is easy…Too easy
But loving them as you, that takes God...
Only God

Love is holding the person next to you , Love is about telling them it will be ok, Love is what God says it is.
Love from man’s point of view is simple but Love from God’s point of view is smooth.

Silly facts about me few people know until now

I like to wiggle my toes when I’m waiting for something or someone – like in the waiting room or before I make a speech. It makes me less nervous.

I have rather short legs to match my short height. I love that. The fact that they’re short makes them easier to go around with. Can you imagine if I had long legs? They might go in different directions from each other, or something. Then what would I do? Short legs work very well for me.

Okay, I must confess. I love the way I look in high heel shoes, but they are nowhere as special as low heel shoes. They do not make my heart beat fast. I feel more comfy in low heels and silk stockings. I always feel like a tough girl from the 1930′s in them. How great is that?!

Speaking of stuff that bothers me: I hate putting things on my face. They say it’s better to put some cream on your face if you don’t want to shrivel up like an old potato one day. Once I got all the latest cream I could. But once I had put one of them on, it made me feel so sticky that I had to immediately wipe it off with a very hot towel. I couldn’t help it. My whole face rebelled against the stickiness. Speaking of sticky: Once I put on some honey extract rejuvenating cream on my face and got pimples for a week. That was not good.

Now hats! I think no one has an idea that I love hats, since I am not always wearing one. Hmm…Maybe I just like hats. Or maybe I think I will look taller if I wore one. Or maybe I think people’s focus will go to my hat and not my face if I was wearing one…lol. Of course, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with my face, honey. A girl does not have to hide under a hat, ever. If there were a few wrinkles and shades, they just make you look more interesting…. So they say.

I use to hide my face with hands every time I’m around so many people. My mom would say to me “Show me your face. Look, you’re beautiful. I don’t know why you are hiding beneath that hair.”

I always like to look at the sky and feel like my home is somewhere far away. Weird but true.

I use to love wandering. I use to walk about the city aimlessly, but with the speed of the wind! I can’t do that now. If I do it now it would be unfair to my body in this cold winter time.

When I daydream, I go all the way to the end of the Earth, and come back. It’s a nice exercise. Well actually, not always. Sometimes I just go to the city I love. Once I was flying low in Paris only to realize I’m still day dreaming.

In a day, sometimes I feel so much love for the world; I think my heart might burst. Sometimes, I feel so scared; I want to shrink myself even further.

I’m guessing no one knows all this until now.

Have a good day!
PS: my friend started this new blog, you should check it out -> Idle musings of a young Nigerian girl

If I could

Poetic words say a lot... This was written for a very special friend of mine. It’s time people realize that there is a miracle called friendship. I dedicate this to all those out there who have that special friend they don’t want to lose.

If I could change the way the clock ticks
We would be sipping a lemonade mix
On a cool summer night
Watching the birds alight
As they kiss the sky goodbye
In the blink of an eye
If only I could.

If I could stop the Dawn of the day
Only so we could run away
To where the world makes no sound
There we’ll find our pleasure ground
In each other’s graceful embrace
We find our hiding place
If only I could.

If I could get a single replay
Of my life day after day
I’ll fast forward to the time
When your lips whispered to mine
As my thoughts missed its way
It felt like heavens bay
If Only I could.