Free Verse Poem for Rev 19 :6-9

I’ve dreamed of the man I’d want to be with forever: 
Strong, smart, kind, tender and romantic.
But you know what? I got better.
My groom loved me before I even met him,
committing himself to me on that special memorable day
When they drilled a nine inches nail down his hands
Savoring the pungent smell of Sour Vinegar
He didn’t know I would say I do,
But he kept saying I love you
Seeing we are two halves of the same soul,
happily bound together by a united, everlasting love.
A love worth dying for…
He said he would come back for me
He wrote 66 books to me, just for me
66 books with priceless love notes
Whispering to me that the best is yet to come--
Beautiful tomorrows filled with even more happiness
An unending source of indescribable pleasure.
Yes, Pleasure
How then can I trade that for persistent lies?
Lies from tempting suitors, offering nothing for something
Talking of how the love of my life may never come back
Laughing and ranting about how stupid I look
Seating at the door step in my Spotless white dress
Get this, I look beautiful
Just the way he would like to see me on our wedding day..
I can almost picture it….
Me walking down the golden aisle
Swaying to the melody of angelic voices
As they sing our song..
A perfect wedding
A perfect Groom
A Bride fit for a King