Asa Lyrics- Be my Man

 My mama used to tell me girl it ain't that cool
To see a man you love
And start to act the fool
Tell me what's a girl in love supposed to do
Tonight, I'm breaking mama's rule

Baby there's alot of thing's I want to say
I'm in love with you its driving me insane
I know am sounding stupid but is it ok
To be your woman everyday

you will be my man
And I will be
Your woman everyday

Ooh baby we can take a walk around the park
And I can cook you dinner, it won't be so bad
Or we can laugh and talk about the friends you've had
And all the ones that made me mad

Ooh baby baby, we can stay up all night
We can argue, we can even start a fight
And I can laugh and say i love the way you smile
and everything will be just fine

You will be my man
And I will be
Your woman every day.

Asa Lyrics- Questions

Tell me how many women shall their dreams come to past
Tell me how many movies turn out real
There are so many questions
Questions how hard to ask
So you can understand exactly how I feel

Tell me how many people wish they were someone else
Someone that think the world wants them to be
Tell me how many babies will be born just to die
Leaving me with these questions
Asking why

Tell me how the trees whisper
How the birds learn to sing
And how does the rainbow stay the same
How the bees make their honey
How do they learn to sting
Can a broken heart get back to heal

How do people get so busy they dont find time to love
What's the truth behind why people go to war
Why is it so many religions yet there's so little to love
Will I ever get to know the truth some day

When the youth's gonna dare - where's the elder who really cares
Why do people believe things they know arent true
When you look into the mirror who do you see
Why do we have to grow to be wise

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